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Ecozine is a premier magazine devoted to sustainable lifestyle, for people who want to live well without costing the Earth. Ecozine’s mission is to make green mainstream, by providing content, experiences, and tools to serve our community. Ecozine offers a weekly e-newsletter, quarterly magazine and daily online updates.

We are a go-to guide for smarter living. Our readers want to lead a good life, do the right thing, and make smarter choices for themselves and their families. Our commitment is to bring them the information they need to do so.

We remind people that they matter; that they can give something back, and contribute to change, by making informed consumer choices.


We aim to:
• Inform consumers about vital issues, campaigns, businesses and ideas in the world of sustainability;
• Inspire individual and community action, awareness, discussion and sharing of information;
• Engage businesses and individuals who are doing good things, and bring them into the spotlight;
• Empower consumers to make smart, sustainable choices in their daily lives and purchases


Ecozine is published and produced by the creators of Ecovision Asia, a 14-year established environmental events and education organization. With backgrounds of strong personal passion for nature and environmental conservation, the team have developed a high-profile professional green network of contacts spanning business, NGO, government and education sectors.

Building and maintaining a content-rich website and keeping our articles, tips, videos, galleries, directories, calendars and other tools fresh and relevant takes something more, and we don’t mean just a few coffee-fuelled late nights every so often! A team of dedicated, awesome people doing various jobs from writing to database entry, research, editing and all that other fun behind-the-scenes stuff is the proverbial wind beneath our wings. We are grateful for our growing team of contributors from around the region and worldwide.

We don’t just sit around writing articles all day either; all Ecozine staff adhere to a strict policy to have a blast at what we do, and let our work contribute to us in return. As such, you can see us proudly participating in events around the region, from competing in triathlons to concerts and fundraisers for worthy causes, all under the Ecozine flag. We’re always up for a new challenge, love working together, and generally live life with zeal!

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Ecozine is a one-stop shop for readers, bursting with useful and entertaining articles, interviews, reviews, tips, blogs and videos, and is also highly interactive, with a wealth of useful tools and guides, from the Eco Pages directory to an up-to-date Events Calendar.

As Asia’s leading magazine devoted to sustainable lifestyle and environmental news, Ecozine highlights the ease and importance of low carbon living to the wider Asia Pacific public. Ecozine’s team of editors, contributors and correspondents are committed to presenting our readers with appealing, sustainable business and lifestyle choices that are good for the planet. A fresh, candid voice is used to present topics ranging from the serious to the whimsical.

Our articles cover eight core aspects of low-carbon lifestyle, each with subcategories, as follows:
Business: Careers, Investing, Logistics, Office, Sustainability
Issues: Climate, Conservation, Humanity, The Four R’s, Water
Living: Celebrations, Education, Family, Home, Transit
Play: Art + Culture, Books + Film, Celebrity +Society, Treats + Delights, Wine + Dine
Style: Accessories, Beauty, Design, Fashion, Jewelry
Technology: Computers, Energy, Gadgets, Infrastructure, Innovation
Travel: Adventure, Destinations, Ecotourism, Getting There, Hotels + Resorts
Wellness: Fitness + Sport, Food + Drink, Organics, Spas & Retreats, Spirit & Mind



We believe that with the right information and tools, consumers can make a massive difference. In addition to content, Ecozine offers:
• The Eco Pages, a searchable directory of over 2,000 sustainably-minded businesses in Asia
• An Event Calendar of upcoming eco events and happenings around Hong Kong, Asia and the world
• Asia’s most comprehensive searchable list of Links to green charities, associations, and other non-profit organizations
Apps + Games listings featuring links to both fun and functional downloadable eco-apps for your mobile device
• A simple, easy to use Carbon Calculator for finding out the impact of your daily activities
• The ultimate, handy-dandy Ecopedia – our glossary of 21st century environmental jargon


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