6 Eco Suncreens

6 Eco Suncreens

27 August, 2015
UV Ray, Go Away!
Safeguard your skin with brands that use top-quality, natural ingredients

Steer clear of chemical-laden sunscreens this summer, and opt for these top quality eco creams that both protect your skin, and the environment!
EDITOR'S PICK: Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution
Perfect for the urban jungle – this translucent, multi-protection formula protects your skin cells from the harmful toxins in our atmosphere, as well as UV rays!  Plus it has a divinely fine, smooth and oil-free texture that we love.
clarins.com | US $48
Caudalie Soleil Divin Anti-ageing Face Suncare
Turn back the clock while you sunbathe! The main ingredient of this face cream is grape seed polyphenols, Claudelie’s top anti-ageing weapon. On top of that it has a transparent, matte and non-sticky finish.
caudalie.com US $36
LUSH Sunblock Solid Sunscreen Wash
Naturally rich in Zinc oxide and packed with sesame oil, chamomile and cocoa butter, this bar is easily massaged into the skin – simply glide it on to apply!
lush.com | US $20/100g
Badger Balm Kids Sunscreen Cream  
Your kids will want to eat this, it’s so good – and they probably could! It’s made from (only 6!) 100 per cent natural and 95 per cent organic ingredients, and has a delightful tangerine and vanilla scent! It’s also biodegradable and safe for ocean ecosystems.
badgerbalm.com |US $15.99 
COOLA Eco-lux Sport Sunscreen Spray
Say no to stickiness with this clean, natural, unscented spray. It contains 70 per cent certified organic ingredients such as cucumber, algae and strawberry extract, and is water resistant for 80 minutes! 
coolasuncare.comUS $36
Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear
From beach bum to beach babe in a second! This bronze-tinted product is made from nature’s own sun block – micronized zinc oxide. And the award-winning Aussie sunscreen also works as a daily moisturiser and foundation!
invisiblezinc.com.au US $36

By: Ecozine Staff


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