Aggreg8 competition

Aggreg8 competition

25 January, 2013
Create "my ocean..."
A new type of community-created short film competition

For the first time ever, YOU, the public, can contribute to making a short film! Aggre8, in association with the Hong Kong – San Francisco Ocean Film Festival, is calling all filmmakers, teachers, students, directors and movie buffs to get involved in a new type of community-created short film competition. The final piece will be debuted at the 2013 HK-San Francisco Ocean Film Festival!

The theme for this year is “My Ocean……” How does it work? You, the public, will create the film with different segments voted on in a competition format, so that the end result is a community-created short film of approximately 6 minutes in length. In the Aggreg8 competition’s format, each week of the 6-week competition builds on the story line that was developed in the previous week(s), and each week is a competition for the next 60 seconds of the film.

Competition Process

Step 1. Watch the previous segment(s) to gain information on key visuals and parts of the story line.

Step 2. Film and edit your entry, keeping in mind the overall theme and also the previous segment. The next 60 seconds that you create should follow in a way that the community will appreciate, so that they can vote on it as being the next 60 seconds of the film.

Step 3. Post your film on YouTube and submit the link of your short film here.

Step 4. The top 5 choices will be selected and made available for public voting each Monday. You will be contacted if you are one of the Top 5.

Step 5. The public will vote on the short list of films that have qualified for each segment.

Step 6. Segment winner announced.

Sharon Kwok, a notable filmmaker in Hong Kong, is creating the first segment of the film, which will set the stage for the story and be released early next week. From there, it’s up to you to take the story and make it your own. In the end, 6 segments will be Aggreg8ted to make the film.

Ana Blanco, Executive Director of the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival, remarked, “We all depend on the ocean and its health depends on us. With the ever increasing issues of ocean acidification, dependency on single-use plastics, sustainable seafood options and a better understanding of the land and sea connection, our responsibility to take care of the ocean is more critical than ever, and what better way to communicate this message than through the art and entertainment of films.”

The competition will be officially launched on 29 January 2013, with the first public entry open on 15 February 2013.

For more information: Aggreg8

To enter the competition, please visit:

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