An app a day

An app a day

10 October, 2012
5 sweet iphone eco apps
These top 5 downloads are the tip of the green app iceberg

The growing demand for green technologies has been taken seriously by iPhone app entrepreneurs. These innovative folks are constantly turning good ideas into useful applications that are addictive and easy to use, and most of them are free. That's right, free. To help you navigate the heaps of available apps out there, we took a stroll through the 'App Orchard' in search of the five most delicious looking ones:
1. Go Green
For anyone who wonders how to be more “green” but has no idea how, or is fond of daily tips and trivia that they can share with anyone who will listen, this app is the ticket. Wonderfully simple and well designed, it gives you a useful eco-tip, interesting fact or environmental statistic every time you open it. Yup, that’s it. Oh, plus it’s free. What’s not to love! 
2. Piqqo Projects
With a multimedia showcase including photos and videos, Piqqo offers news about carbon reduction projects happening globally, insight into the technologies used, and info on developments, as well as its own Wikipedia to help you crack unfamiliar carbon jargon as you go along. This is a quick way to get knowledgeable on carbon reduction around the world.
3. 3rd Whale Mobile
Being on the move or in a new unfamiliar place can make it challenging to make earth-friendly choices all of the time. To address this fact of life, 3rd Whale Mobile is a free app that connects you with all of the green businesses in your area along with ratings and directions, so that whatever region you are in, you have an instant direct link to the support network of the local eco community. 
4. GreenMeter
This is a great one for drivers. Compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch, it computes your car's power and fuel usage characteristics in real time in order to help you reduce fuel consumption and cost, and increase efficiency. The six dollars it costs to download GreenMeter is a small price to pay compared to the hundreds you can potentially save on fuel. 
5. iLocavore
According to the new Oxford American Dictionary, a locavore is someone who strives to eat locally grown and produced food (which, by the way, is a lower-carbon and often healthier and tastier way to eat!), and iLocavore is a gem for helping you do exactly that. Using its database,, it helps you find local or domestic food producers, retailers and restaurants in your area for free. 
With these green app beauties, the only thing standing between you and living more sustainably is the time it takes you to get to and click “download”!
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By: Ecozine Staff


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