Anna Beech and Sam McDaid

Anna Beech and Sam McDaid

2 July, 2012
Swishing comes to HK
Founders, Forever and Again swap events in HK

In the UK and many other parts of the world, there is a rapidly growing trend you may have heard of: swishing. At swishing events, participants swap old for new clothing, jewellery and accessories by bringing items that they no longer need and, in exchange, choosing items another person has brought. In many cases guests purchase tickets to participate, or buy “credits” with which to purchase the items, to raise funds for charities and community causes. Swaps have been happening for quite some time, especially online where one can swap anything from video games to lipstick, but the current trend for swishing is focused on creating “swishing parties” or charity events that bring more people together to mix and mingle while they “shop”.
At the launch of the Redress Forever and Again Swap, we caught up with organizers of the event, Anna Beech and Sam Mcdaid. Anna has been working in the environmental field for a number of years and is a member of the Green Sundays team, which organizes environmental events in Hong Kong, while Sam is a teacher who integrates sustainability into her curriculum. As someone who has worked in the fashion design field in the UK, Sam saw first-hand the amount of waste that is produced in the textiles industry. Originally from London, Anna noted the popularity of swishing in England – “half the clothes I brought with me to Hong Kong were actually from swaps!” Swap items at the Forever and Again event ranged from handbags, funky rings, necklaces and bracelets, to couture designs, H&M vests, vintage jeans and more. The event was considered a great success with over 80 women in attendance, and Anna and Sam hope to organize more swish events in coming months. As Sam shared, “the cash proceeds from this first swishing event went to the Haiti Foundation, while leftover clothing items were taken to the Salvation Army. It’s a win-win-win concept.” Interested in this trend, but don’t want to wait for the next swish? In Hong Kong, check out online fashion and accessories swap at, where you can either do an item exchange or purchase from another member. There are also a growing number of places to shop for vintage and second-hand items, such as HKVintage in Central.
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By: Ecozine Staff


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