Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition

1 July, 2017
On Sharks and Humanity
"When the Buying Stops, the Killing Can Too"

The cruel and unsustainable shark fin trade kills 73 millions sharks every year, and now over 25 per cent of the shark and sting ray populations is in danger of extinction. In the past 15 years, some sharks species have declined by 98 per cent. We fear sharks like no other predator, but statistics show us that, in comparison, mosquitoes kill 800,000 people every year; snakes 100,000; jellyfish 50; and sharks a mere 10.

Art installations to educate

Parkview Arts Action and the international nonprofit organisation WildAid are presenting the powerful travelling global art exhibition, ‘On Sharks and Humanity’, from June 29 to end-September at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. This exhibition explores our complex relationship with sharks, and, by extension, our relation with nature.

Sculptures, paintings, installations, performances and poetry from 36 contemporary artists have been combined in a multidisciplinary exhibition to encourage viewers to understand the importance of protecting sharks and invite them to look beyond their preconceptions.

The exhibition debuted at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco from June 2014 to March 2015 before travelling to Moscow and shown at the Ekaterina Foundation from May to June 2015. It was then exhibited at the National Museum of China in Beijing from August to October 2015 before making its way to Singapore and now Hong Kong.

A passion for conservation

Parkview Arts Action is founded on the belief that art can play a significant role in initiating societal change. George Wong, Parkview Arts Action Founder and Hong Kong Parkview Group Executive Chairman shared, “This is a serious environmental issue that affects us all. Shark preservation is undoubtedly critical. Declining shark numbers pose a fundamental threat to the health of the world’s oceans. Through the artists’ varied interpretations, ‘On Sharks and Humanity’ can inform and confront audiences in ways that strike more directly into the human psyche than the abstract language of scientific debate.”

To raise awareness about the impact of the consumption of shark fin soup on shark populations and marine biodiversity, WildAid broadcast its ‘Say No to Shark Fin’ campaign messages via TV and other media outlets. This campaign, along with government bans at official events, has contributed to a reported 50–70 per cent decrease in China’s shark fin consumption.

Peter Knights, CEO of WildAid, said, “We hope this dramatic exhibition inspires with the beauty of sharks and educates the Hong Kong public about the state of global shark populations”.

On Sharks and Humanity Hong Kong event details

Date: June 29th to end-September
Time: Monday–Friday, 9:30am–5:30pm; Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, 10am-7pm
Venue: HK Maritime Museum, Central Pier No. 8
Ticketing: HK $30 (adult)/$15 (students and seniors)

By: Adriane Rysz


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