Arvigo therapy

Arvigo therapy

11 November, 2013
Mayan tradition
Jenny Ostling’s wellness treatments at The Sanctuary

After our visit to The Sanctuary in Hong Kong and a delightful experience with Jenny Ostling’s amazing aromatherapy massage, we were curious to try her Arvigo treatments, which focus on the Mayan technique of abdominal therapy, so we recently visited and the treatment was more pleasant than we had expected it to be!
Inspired by traditional Maya healing techniques, Arvigo therapy aims to reposition internal organs, more specifically the uterus for women, to cure reproductive and digestive disorders by supporting the body’s natural healing capacity.  One of the most common problems is a tilted or displaced uterus, which disrupts the normal flow of nutrient rich blood, lymph and hormones as well as the flushing out of toxins.  Rebalancing the uterus to its optimal position is needed for healthy menstrual cycles, pregnancy and delivery.  Even for those with everything aligned, the treatment is very gentle and excellent for those with digestion, headaches and tired back areas as well.
We were awashed with a sense of peace when we stepped into The Sanctuary’s holistic wellness centre right in the heart of Central.  This spacious wellness centre is perfect for lunch hour visits when you need a quick pick me up spa treatment.  We started off with a questionnaire so that Jenny could get a better understanding of our health background, especially relating to women’s issues.  Being an aromatherapist, Jenny enjoys mixing various essential oils and for this treatment, she used a special body oil that includes ginger and geranium to help warm the body.  To gently ease us into relaxation mode (which we needed!), Jenny started with some leg and arm stretches before a gentle massage around the stomach area.  She gradually added a little bit more pressure for a deep thorough massage before moving to our back area.  The treatment was much more gentler than we expected and the gentle massage made us feel like a baby getting a tummy and back massage! 
To end the treatment, Jenny showed us some at-home daily exercises we could do to complement the treatment.  In addition to Arvigo therapy treatments, Jenny also specializes in pregnancy and aromatherapy massages.  The Sanctuary has recently launched the Perfect Pregnancy Package (HKD 3988) which includes a 30-minute Arvigo Maya abdominal therapy consultation and self-care, a 60 minute pregnancy massage, a prenatal yoga class, a 2-hour parental guidance workshop, a hypnotherapy session for labour and birth, prenatal homeotherapy and an active birth yoga class.
The Sanctuary is located at 29/F, Unit 2905 Universal Trade Centre, 3-5A Arbuthnot Road, Central, Hong Kong.  Tel: 852-2537-1373.  For more information about The Sanctuary, visit:

By: Ecozine Staff


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