Aveda salon

Aveda salon

20 December, 2012
Natural haircare
Scalp and hair therapy from the earth

To be honest, we haven’t been to the salon for two years due to a combination of bad previous experiences and laziness.  But with a series of events and outings lined up, we felt it was time to pay the hairdresser a visit.  When we decided to head to Aveda’s Lifestyle Salon in Central, our hair was pretty much a tangled and flat affair.  Though our original plan was to simply go in for a quick trim, we were blessed to have found the perfect solution for our fine and thin hair with Aveda’s newly launched invati treatment plus a haircut which we love.
Sampras, the salon educator, first sat us down in a comfy salon chair with a cup of refreshing floral tea and took some close-up pictures of our hair and scalp to do a quick analysis.  With a flaky scalp that starts breaking out in the dry seasons, especially when the humidity levels start dropping, we weren’t surprised when Sampras told us that we had sensitive scalp and dry hair that needed nourishment.  His top tip: brush and massage twice daily in the morning and at night-sounds simple enough but there are always excuses to skip it.  This is a simple must-do for the sake for our dear scalp and hair.  To ensure our scalp gets the exercise it needs and to improve blood circulation, it is important to apply enough pressure when brushing and using combs with more bristles is even better.   
After a thorough brushing, Sampras did a heavenly shoulder and neck massage to help us relax.  If you haven’t been to Aveda before, they actually offer this complimentary relaxation ritual before any hair treatment/styling.  What a great way to fully forget about everything else and get oneself prepared for some “me” time!  This was followed by an aromatic hair and scalp massage with rosehip oil, which was perfect for our dry scalp and hair.  Our hair smelled like a blooming  rose garden!
We then delved into the highlight of our visit: the invati treatment.  Invati means “invigorate” in Sanskrit and invigorating it was!  Made with 97% naturally derived Ayurveda ingredients, the combination of shampoo, conditioner and scalp revitalizer used in this treatment essentially help to nourish the scalp and strengthens hair.  What we love about Aveda as well is that it was the first beauty company in the world to receive the Cradle to Cradle charter and Aveda has achieved Gold-level certification for 10 of its products, three of which are part of the Invati collection.  It feels great to know that the hair products we’re using are made as organically and with as little impact to the environment as possible.
Joe, our hairwasher, washed, scrubbed and massage our hair and scalp twice with the invati exfoliating shampoo.  Filled with wintergreen-derived salicylic acid, the shampoo removes residue that clogs pores and also nourishes dry, tight scalp with millet seed and milk thistle.  After a thorough rinse through, Joe used the invati thickening conditioner which has arginine as a key ingredient, specially derived from sugar beets and soy protein to reduce breakage, along with organic kukui nut oil to add shine to dull hair. 
Then came the highlight of the treatment-the scalp revitalizer.  Joe sprayed the revitalizer around eight times on each side of our head to evenly cover the scalp and then gently massaged it in, covering pressure points across the top, back and sides of our head.  It felt tingly and smelled a little spicy which is not surprising, as the revitalizer contains turmeric and ginseng to help rehabilitate and reenergize scalp around follicles and to increase circulation.  Our scalp definitely felt much lighter and not as tight as before.  As the revitalizer is meant to be left on the scalp to be absorbed, there is no need to wash it off, so we wrapped up with a quick trim. 
Like the rest of the Aveda staff, Colla, our stylist, was super friendly and quickly transformed our boring and flat hairstyle with some cool bangs and carefully cut layers on the front to better fit the frame of our face and to create some volume.  With our naturally wavy and fine hair, it is perfectly easy to maintain with a quick blowdry and a few rolls with a barrel brush.
We’ll be calling Aveda to book the invati treatment and to try out other services pretty soon as this natural treatment sure made us feel good inside and out!  Highly recommended for those with scalps that need help.  The invati treatment is HKD 770 (includes blowdry).  If you prefer to do it yourself, the shampoo and conditioner are HKD 290/220ml and the scalp revitalizer is HKD 720/150 ml.  Haircuts start at HKD 480 for stylist grade. 
For more information about Aveda Hong Kong, visit: www.mm-aveda.com.hk

By: Ecozine Staff


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