Baobab Superfood

Baobab Superfood

24 June, 2015
Ancient African Wisdom
Anti-Oxidant Rich Boabab Now Available in Hong Kong

The new darling of the superfood scene - Boabab - is now available in the Hong Kong market thanks to Nice Things, who have partnered with social enterprise Baola in this endeavour.
With double the amount of antioxidants than former superfood superstar Acai berries, Baobab is derived from an ancient African tree known as ‘The Tree of Life’, which has long been revered for it’s health benefits and healing properties. Its mighty presence in a landscape where little else can thrive, together with its branches that resemble roots, have inspired mythical tales among villagers in Africa who believe that an angry God intentionally turned the tree upside down because of its arrogant demeanor.
Found growing across the African plains, this ancient tree stands strong against predators and produces robust fruit that when cracked open, reveal a nutrient-rich pulp that can be dried into a powder. With no extra additives or processed ingredients, Baobab is 100 per cent natural, suitable for vegan and gluten-free diets. Nice things have embraced the fruit’s varied uses and incorporated this nutrient rich super-food into an all-embracing product line that includes drinks, chocolates, energy bars, spreads, dip, truffles and oil. Its applications are endless.
In cities like Hong Kong where residents are often removed from nature, people search for healthier alternatives and supplements packed with antioxidants, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Boabab would be a sound choice for these purposes, since it contains:

  • Six times more vitamin C than an orange
  • Six times more potassium than a banana
  • Twice as much calcium as milk
  • More soluble fibre than psyllium
  • More magnesium than coconut water.

Baobab products are not only good for your health and digestion, the oil extracted from the fruit’s seeds is fast gaining traction due to its skin hydrating properties. Baobab oil has a silky and lush feel to it, with an abundant amount of vitamin A and E to fight signs of aging, prevent wrinkles and reduce stretch marks.
At the heart of the Baola brand is the desire to advocate social change and health conscious consumption. Andreas and his wife Halima, the founders of Baola, believe in getting involved with the local community, instead of stamping their products with the controversial fair-trade label. The profits of the business have enabled the development of shelters, education, and employment opportunities for children and women in Africa.
“I love Baola because they are the pioneer who started this way back in 2010. They are fair-trade with registered NGOs in Germany and Kenya. They use green technology for their production and only recycled paper for their packaging and recycled materials where possible,” says Aaron Pang Managing Director & Co-Founder of Nice Things. 
Not sure which product to try first? Aaron recommends some of his top choices:  “My favourites are definitely the powder and the spicy dip. I use the powder in my smoothie every morning! The spicy dip is amazing with tortilla chips and pasta.”
The Ecozine team, meanwhile, has developed an addiction to the baobab snack balls and the baobab cherry soft drink - while one team member's legs are the envy of the office thanks to the divine body butter bar. And it’s not just us, Baola products are being used in recipes by other health conscious cafés in Hong Kong. The Kinnet Café makes a 'baobab fizz' while Anything but Salads has created a delicious baobab dessert, and Maya Café serves up baobab superfood smoothies. Boabab also had a presence, naturally, at the Zero Waste Weekend Festival
Baola products are available in a range of stores throughout Hong Kong:

• Anything but Salads, Sai Ying Pun
• Healthy Chicken, Central
• Organic Footmark, Ma On Shan and Mong Kok
• Redwood health, Kennedy Town
• Chung Heng Organic Shop, Sai Kung
• Spicebox Organics, Sai Ying Pun
• Organic 21, Central
• Berry Time, Online
• Langham Place Hotel, Mong Kok
• Maya Café, Wan Chai
• Village Bakery, Mui Wo
• The Kinnet Café, Sheung Wan
• JAM, Wan Chai
• Boomshack, Central
• IPC Foodlab, Fanling

By: Tessa Friend


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