Beach baby

Beach baby

19 June, 2012
The Retreat
Natural sand exfoliation at HK spa is a treat

The Retreat is exactly that; a place to get away, to withdraw, to relax in seclusion. Located in Repulse Bay, the spa is just a 20-minute ride from Central, short enough to be accessible but long enough to have abandoned the city’s chaos and come to a place where one can feel free to indulge and forget about one’s stresses.
The Retreat offers an array of services for men, women, and even tots and teens; relaxation rituals, skin therapy and rejuvenation, scrubs, masques, wraps, and a team of consultants for body, mind and soul. I visited on a weekday afternoon, and the atmosphere was serene and subdued. Therapists quietly padded in and out of the waiting area as I sipped my cucumber water and flipped through wellness magazines.
On entering my treatment room, I was given with a sweet and spicy ginger tea. Next, a warm aromatic foot soak to take away the stresses of the day. After a quick consultation, I selected my sand with the therapist – three options are given, from coarse to powder-fine. The sand is collected from the beaches of Hong Kong, cleaned and blended with aromatic oils for a unique exfoliation experience.
As I laid down on the table, I confess I felt a little nervous about having sand ground into my limbs; the thought “beauty is pain” flitted through my mind. But my concern was assuaged as my therapist began my full body treatment; what I received was anything but pain. After checking with me that I was comfortable and that the pressure was suitable, with gentle hands she lifted the remains of last summer’s tan, tickling some spots and slightly numbing others. As she massaged the sand and oil into my body, I drifted away to a white sandy beach somewhere warm and remote.
Waking from my reverie, I was directed into a spacious private rainshower where I rinsed away the exfoliating grains. With pinkened skin, I laid back down for the grand finale: a relaxing full body massage with the Retreat’s Ocean Lotion. Not only were my muscled soothed and stretched, my skin was left nourished, moisturized, and yes very, very soft.
The Beach Baby ritual, just one of the many services offered at The Retreat, has a uniqueness that makes it stand out from the rest. The use of a local natural resource gave me more than just a rejuvenated epidermis. I felt connected to the earth, connected to Hong Kong… and it reminded me just how simple beauty can be.

By: Nissa Marion


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