Belmond Andean Explorer

Belmond Andean Explorer

12 May, 2017
First Luxury Sleeper Train
Luxury Travel Experiences in Peru

Belmond launches Belmond Las Casitas and South America’s first luxury sleeper train, Belmond Andean Explorer.

Belmond has launched South America’s first-ever luxury sleeper train ride, the Belmond Andean Explorer, together with the acquisition of intimate hotel Belmond Las Casitas in the most exceptional Colca Canyon! The latest two additions to the Belmond Peru family of a now total six hotels and two luxury trains continues to present an exceptional Peruvian travel experience.

Pioneering a new way of discovering Peru

The Belmond Andean Explorer takes passengers from Cusco to Arequipa on a two-night journey. Setting a new level of luxury for rail travel, the elegant carriages take guests through some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Think vast, uninterrupted views of snow-capped mountains, enormous skies, majestic lakes and herds of alpacas, llamas and vicunas grazing on the altiplano.

Interior designs reflect Peruvian culture, mixing vibrant colours with natural tones and the large picture windows offer a perfect vantage point of the ever-changing scenery as the train winds through the Andes. The observation car with an outdoor terrace becomes the social hub of the train by night for guests to enjoy a pisco sour and dance to live Latin music!
Executive Chef, Diego Muñoz is eager to take guests on a a different journey – one of culinary excitements – with dishes prepared using all-natural local-grown ingredients – from traditional corn with cheese, to alpaca tortellini and a mouthwatering creation of lime with melted chocolate and apple custard!

Off-board adventures include a private tour of the floating islands on Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable water in the world, and lunch on a private beach with views across to the glacial peaks of La Paz, Bolivia, said to be one of the most exceptional locations on earth.
Watch the above drone footage to get a glimpse of how it feels to soar through the Peruvian Andes as the train cuts through ‘Big Sky’ country along one of the world’s highest rail routes!
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An authentic escape at Colca Canyon

For those wanting to explore more of the birthplace to the Inca Empire , set amongst the tranquil beauty of the Andes is Belmond Las Casitas, a 20-room property located in the Arequipa region of Southern Peru blends effortlessly with the natural environment. Nestled amongst lush gardens, each individual casita features a private terrace with a heated plunge pool and sweeping views of the canyon. The Samay Spa, built around the energy of the canyon rock, offers treatments using natural ingredients from the hotel’s kitchen garden and hypnotic views of the surrounding canyon, inspiring deep relaxation. Belmond Las Casitas also offers one of the most unique guest experiences in the world – a chance to view the flight of the Andean condors in their natural environment!
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By: Ecozine Staff


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