15 May, 2017
New Ways To Use
Here we share our favorite uses

Have carabiners lying around with no particular uses beyond clipping keys and water bottles onto your backpack when hiking?

The possibilities of how a carabiner can be used are endless, plus they make our lives so much easier. Here we share our favorite uses!

1. Don’t kill your teeth while trying to open a beer without a beer-opener! Simply clamp the groove of the carabiner under the rim and push up.

2. Keep losing hair-ties? Gather them altogether with a simple clip!

3. Purse, wallet, makeup bag, shopping bag-too many bags to keep track of? Clip a couple of carabiners onto a hanger and corral them into a neat orderly row.

4. Heavy duty shopping trip for your next party? Gather the handles of the reusable shopping bags into a carabiner and you’ll manage a heavy load no problem.

By: Ecozine Staff


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