Carbon costs

Carbon costs

19 January, 2012
Governments refuses to comply
Flight emissions surcharge start in the EU

The European Union’s highest court has ruled that global airlines have to buy carbon emission permits and pay for the carbon emissions produced during flights in and out of the region, starting January 2012. Airlines are taking measures to absorb the cost; Delta Airlines has added a $3 surcharge each way for flights in and out of the EU, while Lufthansa has raised their fuel surcharge to 10 Euros. Airlines have to purchase enough permits to offset 15% of the carbon emissions produced during flights; the overall cost could go up to $26 billion by 2020 as the number of free permits decrease.
However, China has decided not to cooperate with the E.U.’s Emission Trading Scheme so that Chinese airlines will not be imposing the surcharges on their customers relating to the emissions tax. The China Air Transport Association (CATA) joins several Chinese airlines in filing a lawsuit against the EU regarding the issue. The Indian, Australian, Korean, Russian and South African governments have also opposed the new law.

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