Carbon hoofprint

Carbon hoofprint

11 December, 2012
Sustainability highlights
Hong Kong Jockey Club

While the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) may be known for its racetracks and Mark Six, over the past 126 years, the Club has been well-known for contributing to a tremendous amount of sustainability related work, both environmental and social, to local communities in Hong Kong.  The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust has donated an average of more than HKD 1.2 billion each year for the past decade in six principal area: healthy living, volunteering, creating possibilities, sports, arts and culture as well as preserving and creating jobs.  It is also of importance to note that not only does the HKJC reaches out to help others, but internally, they are also “walking the talk” by raising awareness and engaging their staff in a wide range of activities.
In the environmental arena, HKJC has been monitoring its carbon “hoofprint” for a number of years, publishing an annual sustainability report to share with stakeholders about its progress and results.  Through policies and guidelines in various areas, including green procurement, cleaning and waste management, catering practices and property management and construction, HKJC has cut down total carbon emissions by 1.8% compared to the base year of 2009/10.  New innovations such as a glass bottle recycling campaign employing disabled people to process eco-bricks, the solar powered boat to transport club members to the club’s golf course and the creation of the lovely green rooftop garden oasis known as the “Our Green Place” have set the Club apart from the crowd. 
It is wonderful to see an organization that is as committed to engaging its employees in meaningful initiatives as it is doing good for the planet.  We will be keeping a close eye out on the next eco innovation from the Club! 
To view the Hong Kong Jockey Club’s 2011 sustainability report, visit:

By: Ecozine Staff


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