Christine Loh

Christine Loh

12 September, 2012
Joining HK Gov
Civic Exchange's Christine Loh takes up position of Undersecretary for the Environment

In a move that excites many Hong Kong green groups and sustainability professionals, environmental expert Christine Loh has just taken up the position of Undersecretary for the Environment with the HKSAR Government.  Ms. Loh will be working with the newly-appointed Secretary for the Environment, KS Wong.
Ms. Loh's expertise and experience in the field of environmental protection, her skillful diplomacy and her extended engagement with various stakeholders make her an ideal candidate for the position.
Having been at the helm of public policy think-tank Civic Exchange since she co-founded it in 2000, Ms. Loh will hopefully bring a constructive new perspective and a stronger arm to the Hong Kong government's handling of environmental policies going forward.

"This is an opportunity for me to do something in public policy relating to the environment. I think it is possible to do something within CY Leung’s administration together with KS Wong," Ms. Loh said in a recent statement.
She lists her priorities as air pollution, waste, and conservation, adding that Chief Executive CY Leung is interested in the environment and wants to see positive outcomes.

By: Ecozine Staff


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