Clean air auction

Clean air auction

30 July, 2011
Art with a green focus
Sotheby’s event uses art to highlights environmental issues such as air pollution in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Clean Air Network chose a unique way to educate high society and the general public on the problems of air pollution through their Clean Air Auction held at Sotheby’s.

By auctioning fine art pieces themed around air pollution and other environmental issues, the Clean Air Network’s CEO, Joanne Ooi, fulfilled an aim to heighten public awareness of those issues, as well as to raise funds. Featured artists included many local and international names, some of whom created art pieces specially for the exhibit.

The auction focused on Hong Kong’s air pollution problem which according to CAN is the city’s #1 avoidable public health crisis, killing approximately 3 people per day. The event was significant because it represented not only Asia’s first environmental art exhibition of its kind and scale but Clean Air Network’s first public fundraising exercise, as well as Sotheby’s most public championing, to date, of environmental issues.

Far from an elitist exercise geared towards art collectors only, Clean Air Network used its exhibitions at both IFC Mall and Sotheby’s Hong Kong Contemporary Asian Art Spring Auction at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre to share information about health and air by interspersing them among the Auction artworks on display.

One series that consisted of silk images on linen that depicted degrading plastic bottles and bags was sold for a sum of HK$30,000. Another piece that showcased a pair of diseased lungs created from a blend of fibreglass, car paint and rice went for $140,000.

The HK$2.2million in funds raised from the auction will be used for Clean Air Network’s research as well as activities designed to educate people on why the air issue for Hong Kong is so serious, and empower them to take action in cleaning up the air and supporting government policy change.

Hong Kong is suffering from the highest pollution levels on record. This is an issue that has caused many families to consider leaving Hong Kong, and which concerns the foreign business community as they find it more difficult now to recruit people to come to Hong Kong for work because of the poor air quality.

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