Cleanup Challenge - Go!

Cleanup Challenge - Go!

11 September, 2015
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The 15th annual Hong Kong Cleanup aims to mobilise 5% of HKers

NEW UPDATE: The 2015 Cleanup Challenge has been EXTENDED by popular demand  now you can register a cleanup any time until December 1st!
It's back, and it's bigger than ever!
At this year's Cleanup Challenge, Ecozine's Hong Kong Cleanup (HKC) aims to mobilise 5% of Hong Kong’s population to pick up litter from the city’s beaches, country parks and urban areas September 19-November 1 – a goal that would make it the largest volunteer effort in the world!
To celebrate its 15th year in operation, HKC aims to engage a total of 360,000 people by corporate, school and community groups signing up teams to take part in the 2015 Cleanup Challenge.
The annual event is already the region’s largest environmental volunteer initiative, and is a well-loved, hugely popular and highly anticipated occasion on Hong Kong’s event landscape. Over 100 teams have already signed up for the 2015 challenge at the time of this article, and are planning to get out, clean up, and help record data on the types of trash littering our cityscape.
Organised by Ecozine and charity partner The Nature Conservancy, the 2014 Hong Kong Cleanup Challenge saw 51,000 volunteers collect 3,894,000kg of trash over 1,847km. Help HKC multiply this effect this year by signing up a team and make Hong Kong a cleaner, greener place.
“We are currently generating over six million tonnes of trash per year, which is equivalent to over 16,000 tonnes every day,” says Lisa Christensen, Co-Founder of HKC.
This is an entirely unsustainable rate of trash generation that will eventually see our beautiful city covered in litter. Research shows that in order to create a social movement and instill long-lasting change, it is important to engage at least 5% of the population. So choose a date, gather a group, sign up and be part of a paradigm shift in our behavioural patterns.
Collectively, we can make a difference.
“Littering is a major epidemic in Hong Kong, and the only way we can turn our trash problem around is through awareness and education,” said Nissa Marion, Co-Founder of HKC. “It’s not just the overflowing landfills that are a problem; the issue has now flooded into our oceans. We are contributing to the deterioration of one of our biggest natural resources by discarding everyday items such as plastic bottles and plastic bags, cigarettes, and food wrappers, which are some the most commonly found trash items in the sea.”
But the problem goes beyond our city. Hong Kong Cleanup is the official regional coordinator of the International Coastal Cleanup, and all the data from the Cleanup Challenges are collated and added to the global database on shoreline litter.
Get involved, and share the message with your family, friends, colleagues, and classmates, and be part of what is set to be the biggest cleanup to date. Visit and sign up for one of the individual or team-based activities, including:
• The City Cleanup Challenge – clean up urban areas and environments.
• The Country Cleanup Challenge – remove harmful litter from our country parks.
• The Coastal Cleanup Challenge – bring awareness to the issue of marine debris.
• The Zero Waste Corporate Challenge – help companies achieve and maintain zero waste goals by providing comprehensive, targeted zero waste solutions.
For more information, follow HKC on facebook and twitter @hongkongcleanup
Keep us in the loop! Post about your activities using #HKcleanup #letsworktogether

By: Ecozine Staff


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