Constantinople Charm

Constantinople Charm

9 September, 2015
Witt Istanbul Hotel
Classic yet modern comfort in the transcontinental capital

Istanbul’s energy is as intoxicating as it is unique. Turkey’s transcontinental city is a veritable mecca for culture and history, and exudes a distinct charm of entrancing commotion. Navigating Istanbul’s comprehensive wonders and cultural depth can at times seem a bit of an overwhelming task, and it’s absolutely essential that the correct accommodation is selected as a reliable, relaxing base.
Enter Witt Istanbul Hotel. Nestled in a chic bohemian neighbourhood is the unassuming, 18-room, modern property. It’s located on a residential street in the lovable, welcoming and authentic neighbourhood of Cihangir, and is surrounded by eclectic antique shops, cafes, and designer boutiques. Staying in this corner property – owned and operated by Istanbul native Tuncel Toprak – offers guests an intimate glimpse into everyday life in the thriving metropolis, without sacrificing style or comfort.
The classic Ottoman architecture of the building is complemented with a divinely stylish interior of retro furnishings, monochrome, and Marmara marble, designed by award-winning Istanbul-based architecture and design firm Autoban. This affords the property with a luxuriously modern aesthetic, and provides an indulgent yet gloriously simple reprieve from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul.
A touch of urban escapism that I found particularly appealing was the new rooftop permaculture garden, and its ‘Cozy Sitting Area’.  This sizeable 160-square-metre natural space allows you too feel both secluded, and part of the throngs of this spectacular city. Overlooking the Bosphorus, Topkapi Palace and Galata Tower, you can vibe off the energy of Istanbul’s 14 million people while meditating, contemplating and simply gazing.
The garden supplies ingredients such as fresh strawberries, raisings, arugula and more for the breakfast, and constitutes a beautiful expression of sustainability practices like vermicomposting, urban gardening, and micro-green cultivation.

By: Ecozine Staff


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