Crafty Christmas

Crafty Christmas

7 December, 2016
Deck The Halls
Handmade Christmas Decorations ANYONE Can Do (We Promise!)

For many, Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year... but unfortunately, it’s also one of the most wasteful. The holiday season has a huge environmental impact in terms of water we use, greenhouse gases and land disturbance caused by the production of some of our favourite holiday treats and gifts.

If we could all try to reduce our own eco-footprint just a little, it would go a long way to protecting our environment. We can make small changes, but have a big impact, in many ways -- such as by making our own Christmas decorations. Bonus: not only will people appreciate that personal touch, but also, most of these cost only a few dollars to make as they’re based on recycling what you’ve already got!

Festive Door Wreath

With just a simple cardboard cut out of a large ring, you can let your imagination run wild with how to decorate it! Why not cover the cardboard ring in last year's festive wrapping paper, and using a holly leaf stencil, cut out holly leafs from old greetings cards and glue the leaves until the ring is completely covered. Or use dried leaves and branches for a rustic outdoor feel.

Wooden Snowflakes Tree Ornaments

Fashion festive wooden snowflakes out of foraged twigs or used ice lolly sticks, and decorate with berries, old buttons, and ribbons. Easy for kids to make, these will turn out as individual and unique as real snowflakes -- and can be kept through the years as mementos of their growth!

Pinecone Reindeers Tree Ornaments

This one is too cute, and TOO easy! Simply add a red nose and some stick-on eyes to a pinecone! Give him a few twigs or pipe cleaners for antlers, and glue a ribbon to hang him from your Christmas tree.

Jar Lid Tree Ornaments

Gather some spare jar lids, some old scraps of fabric (think holiday reds and blues) and some glue. Add little shapes like bells and snowflakes for a truly festive effect, or with a craft pen draw on your own design.

Clothes Peg Christmas Card Holder

A simple way to display your Christmas cards! Simply decorate some wooden clothes pegs with scraps of wrapping paper or colourful designs, and peg each card to a length of decorative ribbon. Then hang, and you're good to go!

Christmas Disc Garland

Turn that pile of old gift bags into a beautiful garland you can enjoy year after year. All you need is a craft circle punch and some fine string or strong cotton. First use the circle punch to punch the discs, stick the discs back to back sandwiching the string in-between them, and repeat until you have a garland long enough to decorate your tree!

Wine Bottle Candle Holder Centre Piece

Don’t recycle those wine bottles just yet! Make a striking table centerpiece with up-cycled bottles. Wrap a bow, some fabric or some wrapping paper around the bottle and group them together, topped with tapered candles for festive lighting.

By: Ecozine Staff


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