Dare to eat?

Dare to eat?

14 June, 2017
Popsicles made out from “pollution” waters
Raising environmental awareness

Look closely at these popsicles before you go for a bite because these aren’t ordinary treats. The interesting, and maybe even striking colors and textures inside the popsicles are in fact, samples of trash found in waters all over Taiwan.

Three Taiwanese university students carried this procedure out for the Polluted Water Popsicles Project, reflecting the severity of Taiwan’s water pollution problem. They went to 100 locations all over the country and collected samples of trash and sewage filled water. They were then turned into 1:1 transparent poly resin popsicle models. Finally, the products were packed in wrappers with their origin written on it.

The project highlights the water pollution problem of the country through a unique idea by contrasting an unsanitary and filthy issue with the concept of a delicious treat. Keeping the notion of contrast in mind, they were also keen on making the packaging beautiful despite the ugly truth behind the popsicles, to show just how adverse the level of water contamination is in the nation.

Since their project was out to the public back in March 2017, the group has received a lot of attention on social media platforms as well as from the national media groups, most of which are positive. According to posts from their Facebook page, they were awarded the 2017 Golden Point Rookie Design Award-Visual Communication Design and the 2017 Young Pin Design Award for their impactful contribution to the environmental awareness.

After holding a few exhibition events at various centres in Taiwan, there is another one being held until the 17th of June at the International Exhibition Hall at the National Taiwan University of Arts. If you’re around in the country, make sure to visit the wonderful exhibiton to see a real-life interpretation of a dilemma in diguise.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZrkO6dVY8Y

By: Gurung Sumichhya


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