Diet Change

Diet Change

2 January, 2017
Not Climate Change
The single biggest thing you can do right now to help the planet

Human Slavery, Universal Suffrage & Industrial Animal Agriculture share something in common,
and that is that they all have had to change by people changing their minds about them.

The day will come, not too long from now, when humanity will look back upon the industry of animal farming in the same way that slavery is looked upon today.

This path will not be an easy one; it will be long & bumpy, people will ridicule the thought, oppose it with everything they have, fight it with tooth & claw, but eventually come to accept it as if it were self evident.

Does this sound familiar?

Human history is wrought with examples of barbaric acts that were once accepted and practiced as the norm.

Let’s not forget that it took decades of campaigning & struggle to abolish slavery (1833 in the UK & 1863 in the USA).

Let’s not forget that it took decades of shouting & screaming to give women the right to vote (1918
in the UK ).

Let’s not forget that universal suffrage was only granted as recently as 1965 in the USA.

This pattern sadly seems to be deeply ingrained in public opinion, and the road to giving legitimacy
to something that challenges the status quo always seems to follow this route of ridicule, fight, and then finally, acceptance as a given. And during this period, countless lives are lost, immense damage is done, vast amounts of money is wasted and humans, animals & nature endure untold suffering.

Why does it always have to be so?

The path to abolishing industrial animal agriculture in the way it is practised and accepted today will be a long and hard one, for obvious reasons – namely, that food is something very intimate and personal to us. It requires a little sacrifice, a little ‘letting go’ of our attachments to habitual eating. It touches us directly, and therefore is not always easy to accept and denial is often an easier option.

It is sometimes very difficult for us to see our roles in something like this, with our busy daily lives, schedules and deadlines to meet, mortgages to pay, jobs to attend to and kids to school…

Yet it is our daily consumption of meat, fish and dairy that is the root cause of the growth of the universally harmful practice of industrial animal agriculture. With over seven billion people wanting to eat animal protein on a daily basis, some of us three times a day, and with countries like China now increasing their production and consumption exponentially ,the toll is immense.

With over 100 billion farmed-for-food-animals in the world today competing for land, crops and water, one can easily see why it is believed that this industry is responsible for over 50 per cent of all the world’s pollution, loss of natural resources, suffering and misery… and I’m not just referring to animals & nature here, but to humans as well!

And when we consider the vast amounts of forest being cleared to grow crops to feed these animals (including over 90 per cent of all the Amazon rain forest clearing), the huge volumes of water to irrigate the feed crops and to give to the animals (over 50 per cent of China’s fresh drinking water), with the majority of the planet’s fertile lands being taken over by mono crop agricultural farming to support the industry (over 70% of available farmed land) and with countless villages and communities being uprooted and displaced permanently as a result, one can easily see how this alarming figure of climate change is reached.

In recent times we have seen an increase in people playing a part in helping the environment by switching off lights and idling engines, turning off water taps while brushing teeth, separating waste by recycling, taking cloth shopping bags when shopping etc… but when it comes to changing ones diet by giving up what has traditionally been quite tasty and comforting food, the line in the sand is drawn.

This attitude is understandable if we are oblivious to what this diet is really doing to our world as a whole and we are detached from the suffering and waste that is taking place at such an alarming rate (1 football field of forested land being cleared every 2 minutes )… but with a little knowledge, things can change rather quickly, and then we can become empowered and motivated to act and to change.

So knowledge is key, and it is absolutely crucial to get this information out as soon as possible, so that people can be empowered and can then make a conscious choice about their dietary habits and what actions they may take to make a positive difference.

For the day will come sooner or later when our children will ask us what we were doing when we had a chance to make a difference, and our answer should not be silence or ignorance, but rather that we tried our best and acted on our values and principles.

And today, at the beginning of 2017, the most impactful and powerful thing we can do immediately – without waiting for policy change, without waiting for technology, without waiting for corporations or governments to lead – is to change our diets, by shifting away from an animal-based diet towards a plant-based diet. And this begins quite easily with a step we can all take, and that is to simply reduce our consumption of meat, fish and dairy.

By: Bobsy


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