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DK Cafe

18 August, 2014
Handmade treats
Relax in aromatherapy café

Indulge in an afternoon of relaxation at the DK Cuppa Tea Café.  Part of the DK Aromatherapy boutique, the café has recently opened for guests to relax over organic hot teas, savoury snacks and handmade cakes.  Owner Kat Lai is an aromatherapy consultant and hypnotherapy trainer has been running the boutique and wellness centre for 12 years and wants to create a place for visitors to indulge in the wellness of the body, mind and spirit.
We instantly blocked out the sounds of heavy construction going on in Soho as we stepped inside the cozy shop.  We were guided by friendly staff to the cozy floor cushions and table at the back of the café for a nice afternoon of relaxation.  Since we were quite hot from the heat outside, we settled on the Holiday Dream, a blend of pineapple and coconut infused tea with organic honey.  Another favorite is Soothing Love, a blend of chocolate and lavender tea to help relax the body and improve sleep quality.  Each drink comes with a card detailing the Chakra it influences.  For example, the Soothing Love drink affects the Third Eye Chakra, opening the consciousness and bringing awareness to higher planes.  Perfect to go along with the drinks is the triple decker Aromatherapy High Tea set that includes fruits, refreshing salads and sandwiches on the bottom, scones on the second and sweeter cakes on the top.  Some of our favorites include the low fat blueberry aloe vera yoghurt, low fat crumbly scones with organic strawberry jam and lavender cheesecake.
The boutique offers a variety of wellness items, including essential oils, aromatherapy burners, flower therapy essences and much more.  We especially love the décor of the store, especially the Middle Eastern lamps and wooden cabinets.  Upstairs, you can try out tarot card reading sessions, relax with a body massage and even belly candling treatments.  As a hypnotherapy trainer, Kat runs group and private consultations on hypnotherapy at DK as well-definitely will try it on our next visit! 
DK Cuppa Tea Café and Boutique is located at: G/F, 16A Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong.  Tel: + 852-2771-2847.  For more information, visit:

By: Karry Lai


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