Dulux Paint

Dulux Paint

29 October, 2012
Forest Breath
Breathe easy with eco friendly paint from Dulux

As the high summer temperatures drop back to the mid-20s range and humidity levels start lowering for autumn, it’s the perfect time for some painting and re-decoration to give your office and home a fresh look and feel.  We decided to test out one of Dulux Paint’s products, called Forest Breath Emulsion Paint (http://dulux.com.hk/eng/product/showProductDetail.do?id=175), for our interior walls.
For anyone who has done painting before at home or at the office, we’re sure that you’ve been through the same conundrum we encountered: what colour should I pick?  Dulux’s colour palette, with more than 2,000 unique colours to choose from, certainly makes it more fun!  The Dulux website (www.dulux.com.hk) makes it easier with two simple tools for colour selection: the Colour Scheme Selector, which asks you for your interior design style and provides you with recommendations for colour, and the Mousepainter where you simply drag and drop the colours you want to get previews of the different combinations in a mockup of your chosen space.  We decided to try an assortment of colours with bright orange and yellow to give warmth to our hallway and kitchen, a cool, modern grey for the living room, and a rich blue for a mellow feel in the bedroom.  Dulux also offers a user-friendly paint calculator on its website to help you figure out how much paint you need by inputting the dimensions of the area you plan to paint.
We first scraped the walls to get ride of residues, then we filled in the cracks walls with some filler before we sanded it smooth with good old sand paper.  As per the instructions on the paint cans, we diluted the paint with one part water to ten parts of paint and painted the first coat.  The wall was dry enough to touch in about an hour, and after about three hours, we painted the second coat.  The colour became richer and took on a smoothness that imparted a fresh, clean feeling to our walls. Renewal is just that easy!
What’s great about Forest Breath, especially for the person painting, is that it doesn’t have the nauseating smells that a lot of paints have.  It is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and doesn’t give off toxic fumes.  You can pretty much resume life as normal after painting without the need to vacate your place for fear of intoxication with anti-formaldehyde formulations.  With natural active bamboo charcoal as one of its key ingredients, Forest Breath actually purifies the air of formaldehyde and benzene.  As an added bonus that is unique in the market, the natural tee tree oil extract in Forest Breath even kills up to 99% of germs and bacteria. It also protects the walls from mold, which is a pretty common foe in Hong Kong. And there’s more; the product has density levels high enough to prevent water penetration and allows for 30,000 times of repeated washing without damage to the seal.  We’re sure that our newly painted walls will be durable enough that there won’t be a need to repaint them for a long time!
Dulux is the most popular brand of paints under AkzoNobel Decorative Paints with products made in 26 countries.  Headquartered in Amsterdam, this Global Fortune 500 company is also proudly listed under the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.  A variety of eco-products under Dulux’s Eco Well-Being Series (http://dulux.com.hk/eng/product/recommendation.jsp) includes Forest Breath, All Round Guard, Lifemaster, and Gold paints.
For more information about Dulux paints, visit: www.dulux.com.hk

By: Ecozine Staff


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