'Earfies' for Elderly

'Earfies' for Elderly

23 July, 2015
Hearing Aid Campaign
Over HK$15,000 raised through #CanYouHearUs campaign so far

A growing movement in Hong Kong sees its young community and even local celebrities taking ‘earfies’ (selfies for ears) to raise awareness and donations for high-quality hearing aids for the at-risk elderly.
Born in collaboration between local sustainable product-purveyor PhatRice and Hong Kong-based social justice group Po Leung Kuk, the campaign seeks to raise HK$50,000 to fund the purchase of high-quality hearings aids for the elderly.
Over the past 10 years, the elderly community has grown by over 26 per cent. The ageing ‘baby-boomer’ generation is putting increased strain on Hong Kong’s social infrastructure, and its these socially disenfranchised elderly that are most suseptible to hearing loss and deafness.
Most of the Hong Kong elderly community still lives at home, and mostly alone. They remain highly vulnerable to many safety issues, and poverty. Despite efforts from Po Leung Kuk to integrate them in an established elderly community, hearing deficiencies often isolate many members.
Cheap hearing aids have feedback and screeching issues, and often frustrate wearers. With good quality hearing aids, the vulnerable ageing can stay safe and participate in the local community.
So far, PhatRice has raised HK$15,000 of its goal. Anyone can participate by posting ‘earfies’ to @PhatRice, including #CanYouHearUs and tagging three friends. Users can then follow the link in PhatRice’s profile to the donation page.
Local celebrities like mega pop star G.E.M. @gem0816, actor Leung Lit Wai @Oscar_waiwai, actress Chan Man Chi @Sharonchanmanchi, singer Candy Lo @candylumnurilo, DJ Miss Yellow @missyellow, and more have already taken part. G.E.M.’s post on July 15th received over 30 thousand likes in the first few hours alone, massively hyping the campaign’s momentum.

By: Louis de Tilly-Blaru


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