Earth Day Forum

Earth Day Forum

6 April, 2016
Green Monday
The plant-based food industry is thriving, learn more and be inspired at ‘The Business of Sustainability’ forum

Established in 2012 as a social startup group, Green Monday has been educating the public about going meatless for one day per week in a bid to help conserve the environment. Four years down the line, their hard work is certainly paying off! The Green Monday movement, which originated here in Hong Kong, has successfully spread overseas and is currently active in the USA, UK, China, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Mexico and Albania. Worldwide, the number of people participating in Green Monday is consistently growing, meat sales are slowing down, and the vegetarian dining scene is thriving.

Green Monday believes that low-carbon and sustainable living can be achieved by taking simple actions in our everyday life. And the figures certainly speak for themselves: currently, around 1.6 million (or 23% percent) of Hong Kongers have adopted the Green Monday mentality and opt for a more plant-based diet. This translates to an annual saving of nearly one million tons of CO2, four billion liters of water, and three hundred million animal lives. 

In celebration of Green Monday’s 4th anniversary and their milestones, Green Monday are proud to announce the launch of the 422 Earth Day Forum 2016. This inaugural forum brings together visionary CEOs, investors, and experts from the US, Europe and Asia to come to Hong Kong to share their insights on “The Business of Sustainability.”  The forum and panel speakers will not only inspire corporations and individuals to become fully aware of the urgency of our global sustainability crises, but also the exciting innovations and opportunities that come with such a paradigm shift.

The Business of Sustainability conference will focus on the economic, social and environmental crises faced by China and the world, the reasons why global visionary entrepreneurs and investors are flocking to the plant-based food space, and the future of electric vehicles as a holistic sustainable mobility solution.

Key speakers will include David Benzaquen, founder and CEO of PlantBased Solutions, a management and marketing agency which helps plant-based consumer products and businesses launch and grow their businesses; Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni, chairman of NKGB Strategic Advisory which specializes in venture capital, private equity, M&A, technology, plant-based economy and impact investing; Chris Kerr, partner of New Crop Capital, a fund that works with scientists, investors and entrepreneurs to promote plant-based foods; Albert Lam Oliver, former Chief Executive Officer of Lotus Engineering Group; Lam Chiu Ying, a renowned and respected international meteorologist and professor, and advocate of climate-change, David Yeung, co-founder and CEO of Green Monday, Oliver Niedermaier, founder of Tau Investment Management, a private equity firm focused on investing in the world’s supply chains, and Richard Brubaker, the founder and managing director of Collective Responsibility and a professor of sustainability and business. Brubaker has spent the last 15 years overseeing the development and execution of more than 200 projects focuses on solving the social, environmental and economic challenges that are faced in Asia.

The event is to be held from 8:45 am to 13:15 pm on the 22nd of April 2016 at the Regal Hong Kong Hotel, 88 Yee Yo Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Tickets for public registration are limited, so don’t delay in registering!

By: Alison Freeman


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