Easter Escape

Easter Escape

10 April, 2017
An Alternative
Three European Eco Glamping Retreats

If you’ve had quite the history of hotel stays, resort retreats, and island getaways, are up for something a little more adventurous this Easter, and yet just can’t give up the comfort of a duvet… May we suggest an experiment in glamping?

Sitting at a fine equilibrium between luxurious living and the experiential outdoors, glamping is a mash up of – you guessed it – ‘glam’ and ‘camping’. Although it has gained popularity most recently, glamping has been around for about a decade, with beginnings as a solution to traveler demand for all the lovely bits of camping (think fresh air, camp fires, and starry night views) without having to experience the discomfort of days without showers, aggravation over starting a fire, and exhaustion from hiking up 500m with a 70L backpack for a prime spot.

How does it work, you ask? Well, there really isn’t any work involved at all! Forgo the sleeping bags, matchsticks and tents, and show up with your essentials (both suitcases and backpacks work well in this case) to a ready-set tent large enough to fit a king-sized bed, bath tub, and more!

Why glamping in general is eco-friendly:
Glampsites require much less materials and energy for construction and maintenance than brick and mortar accommodations. More often than not, the materials used to construct glamps and glampsites are taken from repurposed objects and make good use of the surrounding nature – because where else would you be able to place a composting toilet!

Now that we’ve gotten glamping 101 out of the way, let’s have less talk and more show! Think glamping is for you? Read on below for our three favorite eco glamping retreats for an alternative European Easter.

La Casa del Tempo Ritrovato, Italy
Calling all lovebirds! Sitting on a beautiful green hectare lawn of olive groves, just a stone’s throw from Garda Lake, is La Casa del Tempo Ritrovato where you can relax in a modernized Yurt tent fitted with king-sized beds with sheets of organic cotton and indulge in a breakfast of organic produce and homemade jams! Taking eco glamping to a whole new level, the site also collects rainwater for use and does their best to reduce energy intake.

A: Parco dell’Alto Garda Bresciano, Via Firenze, 10, 25088 Toscolano Maderno BS, Italy

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Lanzarote Retreats, Spain
From Eco Palm Yurts to Eco Luxury Yurt Suites, the lovely people at Lanzarote Retreats are more than prepared with a variety of selections to satisfy your glamping desires. Most yurts come with a private garden, fully equipped kitchen, and of course, stunning mountain and sea views – making this perfect for a family excursion! Wonderful husband and wife duo Tila and Michelle are more than happy to help mommies and daddies with trip organisation, car rentals, and childcare equipment to ensure that everyone is happy during their stay at the beguiling volcanic soils of Lanzarote, a UNESCO World Biosphere. Power by a green energy system, Lanzarote Retreats promotes responsible tourism by using recycled paper, energy saving equipment, and encourages travelers to shop local!

A: Ave Islas Canarias 12, cc Las Maretas Local 6, 35508 Costa Teguise, Spain

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Campo Portakal Cirali, Turkey
Nestled in a scenic organic orange grove, Campo Portakal Cirali welcomes couples, families and friends with three large tents: the Safari, the Bedouin, and the Compound all with views of the Cirali mountains. Big enough to accomodate two bedrooms, a fully furnished kitchen and a gorgeous terrace, there’s room for plenty of love and laughter. Looking for something more compact and cozy? The Bell features a deluxe private bed and bath, and an outside living room and kitchen that is perfect for two. Size and scenic views aside, Campo Portakal Cirali also promises to be quite the rustic experience with the occasional stray chickens and goats from a neighboring Turkish family, fresh herbs in the garden for cooking, and an outdoor shower for both bathe and play! With handpicked furniture of natural materials, a ventilator for those who want to opt out of air-conditioning during warm days, and a use and reuse philosophy, Joost and Maud at Campo Portakal are well intent on taking care of the environment!

A: Ulupınar Köyü Çıralı Mahallesi, 07980 Cıralı, Turkey

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By: Lydia Hon


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