Eat Green

Eat Green

18 July, 2016
Green Monday starts a “Green it Yourself Community Programme” to encourage healthy living.

Established in 2012, Green Monday has been educating the public about how going meatless one day per week can help to conserve the environment. The number of people going green on Monday has been growing and the vegetarian dining scene has been thriving since.

It was well known that with growing urbanisation and industrialization contributes to the growing climate change problem. However, until recently, not many people understood the impacts of the food we eat on the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

According to a report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), carbon dioxide, (CO2), methane and nitrous oxide from the manure of cattle contributes a great deal to the build up of greenhouse gases. The same report found that production levels of meat contribute up to 18% of “CO2-equivalent” greenhouse gases.

Thus, Green Monday was started to educate the public on this, and tackle climate change and global food security from our eating habits.

As a social enterprise group, Green Monday promotes and enables green and sustainable living. While they don’t aim to convert everyone to vegetarianism, they encourage going meatless one day per week, in order to show people how easy and simple it is to reduce their carbon footprint, and eat healthier.

Green Monday is a social enterprise group that promotes and enables green, healthy and sustainable living. Through our vegetarian promotion and food rescue initiatives, we are a platform that enables corporations, restaurants, schools, and the general public to join efforts in reducing our carbon footprint and performing our social and environmental responsibilities.

This year, to empower the community with the tools and knowledge to further practice daily green living, Green Monday is rolling out the “GIY (Green It Yourself)” Community Programme. Funded by the Jockey Club Charities Trust, the two-year project strives to engage the public through a host of activities, including a bilingual cook book and cooking videos in the works which will be delivered to the public via various channels, cooking demo classes, outreach events and educational talks for the public
They also have an anchor event “Green Mondate”, a cooking competition featuring the GIY ambassador Ms. Karena Lam. All these activities are aimed at encouraging the community to eat and cook green in the household.
In honor of this, Ecozine will be sharing some of their recipes for the every week until the end of August. Stay tuned!

By: Ecozine Staff


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