Eco supermarket

Eco supermarket

31 August, 2012
Vancouver offers selection
Responsible shopping made easy on Canada’s west coast

Shoppers on the west coast in Canada are spoiled for choice when it comes to organic, fair trade or sustainably farmed food and household products. A number of eco-conscious stores have sprouted throughout the region, offering everything from organic produce to natural skincare. These eco grocery stores are a delight to walk around, to see the tremendous amount of choices that are becoming available to eco-conscious shoppers in North America, and hopefully soon in Asia! Check them out on your next visit to Vancouver:
Whole Foods Capers 510 W.8th Avenue, Vancouver
The living wall outside of Whole Foods Capers can be easily spotted from a distance. We absolutely love the design of the glass-walled storefront, a great example of a LEED certified mixed-use development. Once inside, shoppers are quickly drawn to the deli and salads section, especially during lunchtime. The bakery offers delightful goods – we couldn’t resist trying the “almond kamut cookies”, which are not too sweet and have a perfect chewy texture, and the “coco orbs” which are filled with coconut, nuts and chocolate. We were especially drawn to the educational panels that described the histories of various brands sold in the store, bridging the gap between customer and producer. In addition to carrying a huge variety of famous eco-brands, Whole Foods also offers its private label 365 Everyday Organic selections for products. On top of grocery items, there are also great choices for personal care items such as organic makeup, shampoos, and baby products. Paper bags with recycled fibres are used to bag groceries for those without a reusable bag, which of course, you should bring every time.
Choices Market 1202 Richards Street, Vancouver
With four stores in Vancouver and four more in BC’s Lower Mainland, Choices Markets is a locally owned and operated business. There is a selection of fresh and locally sourced produce, as well as sustainable choices for meats and seafood. Some specialty items such as gluten-free baked goods are also available. As always, we were drawn to the bakery, and the baked goods with natural ingredients did make for a great afternoon snack. The stores also host a variety of wellness events and seminars that keep people informed about health issues and products. To complete the eco shopping experience, paper bags with recycled fibres are offered to customers.
Greens Organic & Natural Market 1978 W. Broadway, Vancouver
This neighbourhood local store has recently opened in Vancouver. The living wall outside the store gives the storefront a wonderful green boost and entices shoppers to enter. There is a small selection of natural and organic products ranging from canned products and baked goods to cleaning products and health supplements. The produce section features local and organic vegetables, though we did find they could stand to increase the selection of fresh local greens (Greens needs more greens, ha). Only reusable bags made from recyclable content are given, and then only if requested. A cosy space at one end of the store makes a great place to indulge in the freshly-made sandwiches and salads, or a fresh cuppa organic fair trade coffee. Greens is targeting for 70% waste diversion by 2015 and hopes to target zero waste soon after that.

By: Ecozine Staff


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