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Eco Winners

26 January, 2016
A new era of sustainability
Energy Globe World Award 2015 highlights

One of the most recognised annual global prizes for sustainability – the Energy Globe World Awards - was awarded on 19th January in Iran. This invaluable event signals intensified efforts toward sustainability in Iran, as well as around the world.
The motto of the event is to stop talking and start acting: “A sustainable change can’t be achieved by talks or laws but only by taking action, as shown by the Energy Globe submissions’, Indian Minister Maneka Gandhi emphasised. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and presenter Prof. Munasinghe highlighted that "It is also necessary that poor and rich countries take each other’s hand in order to enhance experiences and support each other."
The nominees were chosen from around 2,000 submissions from 177 countries, competed in the 5 categories Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Youth. The winners list displays an inspiring mix of innovation, passion and conviction:
The Category of Earth 
A program from the Swiss based Foundation Green Ethiopia, which makes arid soil fertile, won in this category. They aim to fight erosion in rural areas of Ethiopia by reforesting hills and mountainsides with primarily indigenous trees. Until 2013, a total of 16.7 million trees were planted and 6,816 hectares were afforested, increasing biodiversity, soil fertility and support water harvesting. Beyond this, the project also motivates rural people to work hard to improve their and their children’s life. This incredible achievement also earned them the title of overall winner in the competition.
The Category of Fire 
MyShelter Foundation's lightening project, Liter of Light – a DIY affordable system to allow the sun’s rays into homes, schools and public centers at less than $2, prevailed in the category. Simply using recycled plastic bottles, 10 milliliters of bleach and distilled water to produce the light. The result is astonishing: it has been installed in more than 120,000 homes in the Philippines, saving $14.4 million off of electricity bills and 28 tons of carbon from being released into the atmosphere every year! The project also creates a grassroots green economy by creating a livelihood program that trains women from low-income and at-risk populations to assemble locally sourced, sustainable, and affordable solar products. 
The Category of Water 
Two winners were chosen: a project by Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa (SWCEA) from Tanzanian in which water is sterilized and cleaned with do-it-yourself ceramic filters to become drinking water for thousands of people (!), and Tehran Sewage Company, who also won the overall reward, implementing a total of 8 holistic wastewater treatment plants that will provide 200 GWh of electric energy as well as prevent contaminated groundwater and in turn to increase the agricultural production.
The Category of Air 
A Swiss project called Coop Group Cooperative took this prize; they supply branches of their chain using the first fully electric-powered lorry worldwide. The lorry is being operated with current from waterpower and there is a photovoltaic system installed on the top of the lorry to be used as an additional current source during the journey. It’s a logical step for them in their aim to become a CO2 neutral goods transporter by 2023.
The Category of Youth 
The winner goes to Toledo Institute for Development and Environment from Belize, for a project that is based around football tournament that can only be entered by young people who have implemented an environmental project! Since 2004, over 3,000 people have undertaken over 150 mini-projects, resulting in more than 6,500 trees planted along waterways, 33,000 lb of trash moved, two illegal dumpsites removed and 15 green spaces or organic gardens created. The young generation is indeed a key role in protecting the environment and sustainability and they are - doing a great job. 
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By: Ecozine Staff


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