10 February, 2017
Luxury Eco Tourism
The Prefect Travel Experience To Africa

Yesterday saw the grand opening of luxury travel company Elementz, specializing in providing once in a life time travel journeys to Africa and a unique wildlife conservation experience.

There mission is simple – to respect and protect. Elementz have a great respect for the natural environment, wildlife and local communities in Africa so the focus is on ecotourism travel and wildlife conservation.

Some of destinations include; Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia and the founders home country South Africa. Our favorite tour we would love to join is The Great Africa Conservation Expedition, which starts in Zimbabwe and ends in Botswana.

This journey is truly unique as it focuses not only on conservation initiatives, but also on sustainability and community, as these elements are related. Throughout the itinerary you will be exposed to ‘Environment is at the heart' along with a number of meaningful themes. The itinerary will allow everyone to understand the challenges faced in conservation, and you are sure to return home thinking differently about conservation. As part of the sustainability theme, the luxury lodges you will be staying have light camp footprint and there is no better way of showcasing this than at DumaTau. Also on the itinerary is ‘Mega-moves of mega fauna’. This is largely linked to the Botswana Rhino reintroduction programme run by Wilderness Safaris Wildlife Trust. You will be exposed to this at Mombo Camp, the heart of where this project has taken place. At Little Makalolo, you will have chance to learn all about the conservation projects happening there which includes pumping waterholes, elephant research and visiting a local community.

You can choose your preferred wildlife ecotour with one of three animals in mind – elephant, lion or shark and each tour is tailor made with a African experts with conservation being its main focus.

For more information check out the Elementz website and Facebook.

By: Ecozine Staff


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