Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange

22 April, 2013
Made from the heart
Community based business supports small farmers from around the world

Ever wonder where your food comes from and whether the ingredients were grown sustainably?  Equal Exchange’s products are all about connecting you closely with food.  With over 20 years in the fairtrade business, starting from identifying democratically run farmer groups to growing a grassroots movement of supporting small farmers, Equal Exchange works with co-operatives that use sustainable methods to grow food from all over the world, transforming the food system one product at a time.
One of our favorite products from Equal Exchange are the aromatic teas.  Each box comes with 20 tea bags and the range includes organic tea leaves from exotic locales such as Calming Chamomile from Egypt Chai with spices from Sri Lanka, and black Darjeeling tea from the Himalayan mountains.  The perfect pairing to go with the teas is the organic dark chocolate caramel crunch with sea salt.  Made with 55% cacao, we just couldn’t get enough of the combination of saltiness and sweetness-dangerous to have this in front of us as it would disappear in no time! For a bite-sized option, the organic mini dark chocolates as well as the 41% milk chocolate with hints of hazelnut are also deliciously rich.  You’d be glad to know that the chocolate are all grown from co-operatives in the Dominican Republic and Peru with fairly traded organic sugar from farmer co-operatives in Paraguay, and are soy and gluten-free.
For convenient snacking items, especially when you’re out and about in the great outdoors, Equal Exchange’s Geobars make for great snacks.  Our favorite is the apricot variety filled with juicy apricots and raisins blended honey, oats, wheat flakes and crisped rice.  These bars are 50% fairly traded and Equal Exchange partners with an European alternative trade organization called Traidcraft to work with farmers to ensure that the standards are certified fairtrade.  If you can’t get enough of the chocolate, try the organic dark chocolate fruit and nut bar.  With 55% cacao content, this is the perfect bitter and sweet pairing, made with cacao from the CACVRA, Oro Verde and Acopagro co-ops in Peru and sugar from the Manduvira co-op in Paraguay.  For a crunchier texture, we suggest the organic milk chocolate crispy bar with puffed rice and quinoa, the crunchiness goes well with the smooth and creamy milk chocolate.  These the perfect snacking items that can satisfy your craving for chocolate as well! 
If you like to bake, Equal Exchange’s organic baking cocoa is perfect for making cookies and brownies.  Grown by small scale farmers in the CONACADO cooperative in the Dominican Republic using gentle, shade-grown and chemical-free farming methods, only the best beans make the cut for post-harvest processing!  But before you work your kitchen magic, get pumped on some organic Love Buzz coffee, a deliciously rich coffee that is filled with chocolately flavour and velvety smooth, ground from an assortment of South America grown fairtrade beans.
Small farmers, big change-that’s the way to go.
In Hong Kong, Equal Exchange products are available at Three-Sixty.  Products are also available for sale online at: www.equalexchange.coop

By: Ecozine Staff


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