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Fashion Forward

4 February, 2015
Greener Fashion
Sustainable Design Takes Over Hong Kong Fashion Week

Wrapping up a huge and successful week, Redress has done it again, sweeping everybody off their feet with the amazing environmental sustainability collaborations they have brought to the runway. As an NGO dedicated to promoting green, zero-waste fashion in the industry, Redress has been making waves in changing the future of fashion by making it a point to incorporate green initiatives by reducing textile waste, water, and energy consumption.
Redress kicked off the week with the Ford Design Challenge, which was practically a scenario taken out of Project Runway, with the Ecochic Design Awards 2015 Finalists grouping up in pairs to make creations with materials that are straight from Ford cars – and even more challenging, they needed to associate it with certain areas in Hong Kong, where their respective Ford cars drove each of the groups to. While the designers got in the groove with their three hours to make their amazing creations, Ford’s Color and Materials Design Manager (Asia Pacific) Emily Lai, who was also one of the judges, explained how proud she was that Ford is a part of such a great creative initiative, and that sustainability has always been in Ford’s DNA.
The winners of the challenge were EDA finalists Amandah Andersson, Sweden, and Veronica Lee, Malaysia. “I believe upcycling and design innovation, both in cars and in fashion, are an important step towards a sustainable future for all of us,” Amandah Andersson said.
Ford’s sponsorship of The EcoChic Design Award 2014/15 doesn’t end there, as they are committed to growing their long-standing dedication to incorporate sustainability into every single part of their business practices.
Concluding the entire eventful week was the EcoChic Design Award 2014/15, held last night. It was attended by big names in the fashion industry, such as Rosemary Vanderbroucke, Helena Chan, Fashion Editor Grace Lam, and many more. The amazing sponsors included the prestigious Shanghai Tang, John Hardy, and The Langham. There was also an alumni prize, which Asian celebrity Kary Ng picked out herself to include as a concert ensemble.
Ecozine wants to congratulate Kevin Germanier, UK, as he took home the Ecochic Design Award first prize with Shanghai Tang. He will be designing his own capsule collection using up-cycled textiles for Shanghai Tang—we cannot wait for this collaboration to come to life!
Redress will be doing much more in the future, in addition to what they have already been contributing to the environment now. For more details, please visit their website.

By: Ecozine Staff


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