Father’s Day Special

Father’s Day Special

12 June, 2017
Gift Ideas
5 Eco-Friendly Brands to Shop From

Our pops may be both easy and hard to shop for on their special day; easy in a sense that they usually aren’t too picky about their gifts. But sometimes this may result in a headache, as there are just too many things to choose from!

Well, how about looking at some brands, which will leave your dad looking dashing and smart, whilst staying friendly to the environment?

1. Levi’s Jeans
A good pair of jeans can last you a really long time, especially with Levi’s quality. But what brings them to our favorites’ pick is the brand’s commitment to staying environmentally friendly with its minimal use of energy, water, and chemicals for the productions.

If you’ve ever owned a pair of these young vibe and stylish slip-ons, you know that they’re one of the most comfortable footwear brands out there. And it keeps getting better, with TOMS giving back to the needy, including proving safe water in seven countries. Surprise your dad with a pair and do let him know about the kind deeds TOMS indulges in!

3. Casio−Solar Powered Sport Watch
A watch seems to never fail to make it to the gift ideas list for dads. I mean, it is definitely a good and practical investment. But we decided to go with this particular brand due to its sleek designs, eco-friendly solar power system and of course, its affordability. You could always buy the popular designs, which cost a little bit more but the normal ones start at around $30.

4. Lizush
Lizush offers a Father Bath and Grooming Gift Set for the occasion of Fathers’ Day which include 3 bars of soaps, Lip Balm, Muscle Rub, Face and Beard Oil, Face towel and a Luffa Sponge−all handmade. Maybe pamper him with a spa day at home; he deserves it.

5. Gaiam The Ultimate Hammock
This one’s for all of our dads who love lounging around on a Sunday afternoon, sipping on a bottle of beer. The Ultimate Hammock is made from recycled soda bottles with a maximum capacity of 450 lbs, so no worries about it snapping off. Don’t be surprised if the hammock becomes his new “man-cave” though!

By: Ecozine Staff


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