Feel renewed

Feel renewed

1 July, 2012
Sol Wellness
Holistic nutrition, detox and healing

Located in Hong Kong, SOL Wellness is a holistic centre that combines detoxification, nutrition and healing to provide a comprehensive set of healing therapies and tools for Hong Kong’s busy population. The principle of this centre is that detoxification and nutrition are needed not just for the physical body but also for our mental, emotional spiritual bodies. Founder Chan Cuddenec believes that while it is vital to nourish our physical bodies with natural, live foods rich in enzymes, vitamins and minerals, that is only one part of a whole; our mental bodies need fulfilment and respect, our emotional bodies need love and kindness and our spiritual bodies need peace and faith. When problems arise in our spiritual, mental and emotional bodies, they can manifest into symptoms in our physical bodies, so it is important to heal all of our bodies as they are all connected. At SOL Wellness, a range of plans and one-off sessions are available for individuals and companies with services ranging from meditation and detoxification to raw food preparation and exercise physiology.
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By: Ecozine Staff


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