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Food Savior

10 March, 2017
Reducing Food Waste In HK
A Better Deal For You, A Better Deal For The Planet

Want delicious meals from some of Hong Kong's coolest eateries for less than $50? Wish you could do more to help protect the planet? Then sign up to Food Savior and do both at the same time!

This new website connects customers with restaurants and cafes offering huge discounts and special deals on dishes they have left over from service - saving you cash and reducing the city's mountain of food waste. Cali Mex, SpiceBox Organics, La Cabane Wine & Cheese Cellar, Duecento Otto 208, Jinjuu, Café D'i, Tartes & Pop, Rummin' Tings and many more of the city's foodie hotspots have signed up already.

Co-founder Liz Thomas explains: "One of the world's culinary capitals, Hong Kong is a city of food lovers. But it is also a wasteful place. Every day we throw out 3,382 tonnes of food, the equivalent weight of 8 Airbus 380 planes, to landfill. Food Savior is a way to help change that."

Customers just need to type in their location to see what’s available nearby. Portions and prices are all clearly listed, so just select what you want and how much you want. Then show your email confirmation at the restaurant, at the agreed collection time, and take away your box of treats.

Co-founder Florent Sollier adds: "Food Savior is a win for customers because they get a great deal on meals, it is a win for restaurants because they can make money on food that otherwise would be thrown away. And it is a win for the planet because less food ends up in landfill."

Food sent to landfill is left to rot, sending methane and noxious gasses into the air as it decays, adding to pollution woes. The situation is so serious the United Nations warns that if food waste were a country, it would be the world’s third largest emitter of greenhouse gases behind the USA and China. According to the United Nations, an estimated one-third of all food is lost or wasted worldwide, yet some 870 million people go hungry every day and food wastage costs producers around $750 billion annually.

Co-founder Adrien Hay says: "Whichever way you look at it, whether it is from an environmental perspective, a humanitarian perspective, or from an economic perspective - food waste makes no sense. Food Savior is the perfect solution for Hong Kong's problem as there is a benefit for everyone."

Customers who bring their own container to take away their order can receive extra discounts and exclusive special offers with participating restaurants.

For restaurants the website is free to use, there's no commitment: Just list what you have, when you have it. Our use the site to highlight last minute deals or special offers each day.


Feeling hungry? Sign up and see what's cooking at Food Savior!

By: Ecozine Staff


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