Fragrance Du Bois

Fragrance Du Bois

15 January, 2015
Personalized Luxury
The Ultimate Custom Sustainable Luxury Perfume Experience

Housing some of the richest essences of nature, Fragrance Du Bois is a topnotch niche luxury perfumery with their fragrance crafted using 100% pure, organic Oud oil and other sustainably sourced ingredients.
Hailing from generations and generations of perfumers from the 17th century French traditions of Grasse, the art of personalization is what sets Fragrance Du Bois apart from all the other perfumeries in the world. I was very lucky to have recently enjoyed that experience in person.
FDB’s signature range, Shades Du Bois, was produced by combining the olfactory immersion—the isolation of individual senses to promote focus on the scents involved—with the concept of colour personality profiling. The concept sounded so foreign to me, but my FDB consultant for the day, Vivian Kwok, explained that every step of the entire process serves a purpose and that colours help evoke moods and create connections with certain aromas.
After a brief introduction on FDB on its mission and vision, my consultation started with the first—and most essential—step. I was given a color wheel that lists about 15-20 adjectives relating to various moods and personalities. These adjectives were also spread across the spectrum circle, where each colour represented one of the seven inspired fragrances—Oud Rouge, Oud Rose, Oud Violet, Oud Bleu, Oud Vert, Oud Jaune, and Oud Orange.
I had to pick 3 of those adjectives that I would like to incorporate into my scent. The vocabs on the list included words like “Confident”, “Trusted”, “Creative”, “Harmonious”, “Relaxed”, “Sexy”, “Calm”—you get the point. Picking 3 was challenging, but I managed to decide on “Fresh”, “Artistic” and “Intriguing”.
Using the spectrum circle, she was able to round my scent down to 3 shades—Oud Jaune (Artistic), Oud Vert (Fresh), and Oud Rose (Intriguing).
Having always been particular about fragrances and scents, I was skeptical the entire time about how these words alone were going to give me my ‘ideal scent’. Vivian explained that I had to go through each scent one by one, because finding your ‘base scent’ is fundamental—you can’t mix more than one shade together to create your Oud perfume, so getting to know the right base for you is important.
I sampled the Oud Vert. I sniffed. And then I sniffed some more. If I could inhale the entire bottle, I probably would have, because it smelled so good! The scent boasted a citrus splash that gave off a minty, lemongrass kind of punch. Much to my surprise, there was no lemongrass in it—I was actually smelling ginger and blended coriander seeds. I was impressed by how it was not overwhelmingly… overwhelming! Ginger, coriander seeds, Sri Lankan cardamom, nutmeg, and a dash of green geranium—I was expecting a stronger scent, but it was just right. I told Vivian I liked it.
Moving on to the next scent, I 'cleansed my nose palate' by taking a whiff of coffee beans. She introduced Oud Jaune, and while I didn’t like this one as much as I did Oud Vert, it had an intriguing character. It was sweet and musky. Not my type, but it would’ve been great for extra-special occasions. A bit of pineapple and orange gave the scent the summery elegance that it needed to be able to live up to its name ‘Jaune’—‘yellow’ in French.
Last, definitely not least—Oud Rose. Just looking at the name, I didn’t think I was going to take Oud Rose seriously. I was never into floral, rosy scents. In potpourri, flowers, incense, etc. “Intriguing” fell right under the “Oud Rose” section, so I had to try it. One sniff… Oud Rose… turned out to be my favourite. “Don’t judge a perfume by its name.” The ‘Rose’ (pronounced Rosé) scent was rich, beguiling, and all sorts of amazing. It’s fruity and romantic, but definitely not typical or overrated. So classy!
“Out of the three scents, you will always have a favourite two,” Vivian said. Which, to my surprise, was spot on. So how to choose a favourite? Oud Jaune was easy to rule out, as I think it's less my style. Oud Vert vs Oud Rose though - very tough indeed. In the end, it turned out that I didn't have to choose. Rounding down to two scents means you can spray one scent on either of your wrists, to sample the fragrance’s reaction to your body—each scent will smell different on different individuals depending on body heat and other factors.
Overall, it was quite the experience. FDB does not yet have an actual boutique [in Hong Kong], but stay tuned - our fingers are crossed there may be one soon. Meanwhile, discriminating fragrance-seekers can visit their snazzy space up at the Asia Plantation offices in Jubilee Centre, Wanchai, with a gorgeous view overlooking the Victoria Harbour. In this relaxed environment, their expert team conducts private invitation-only consultations with worldwide clients on a regular basis.
This luxurious personalization service is only offered by a handful of perfumeries all over the world, and that handful is further reduced when considering that every single ingredient is well accounted for. FDB offers a state-of-the-art olfactory treat that makes one feel truly special. I highly recommend this experience.
Apart from creating a custom fragrance through the fragrance profiling service, FDB also offers bespoke and semi-bespoke services at their flagship boutiques in The Fullerton, Singapore, and Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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By: Kristine Basilio


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