Get in Shape

Get in Shape

5 July, 2017
Best Cardio Forms
5 Workouts For Weight Loss

You are what you eat. You have to watch your diet if you’re planning to lose a large amount of body fat or just shed a few pounds to tone up. But if strict diet is not your thing or you just want to be healthier, here’s a list of exercises guaranteed for a quick drop in your weight.

1. Run for it
Running, or jogging is the best form of exercise recommended by everyone form your friends and families to even your doctor. Not only does it seriously burns the calories, it does wonders in decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases by half. Find a jogging path by the seaside or at the park for an enjoyable run. If you’re at the gym, focus on short runs on inclined treadmill rather than a thirty minutes slow paced-jog.

2. Skip and jump
Jump rope isn’t only for nine-year-old little girls at the park. Add this inexpensive and handy equipment to your workouts and get ready for an intense cardio session! Three 10-minute rounds can burn 480 calories just in half an hour! And 10 minutes of skipping rope alone burns the same amount of calories as running an 8-minute-mile. All of this without covering any long distances.

3. Just keep swimming
If you’re been heading out to the pool or the beach already this summer, there shouldn’t be any excuse to not taking up this amazing cardio exercise! Swimming is not only an excellent workout for weight loss, but it also strengthens your muscles as it uses every part of your body to complete the laps. Besides, since swimming is non-weight bearing, there is a significantly lower risk of injuries compared to other workouts.

4. Row, row, row your machine
There’s a reason why professional rowers have some of the best bodies out there, with strong shoulders, killer biceps and of course, the perfect tan. You don’t have to be on the national team to follow their workout regime. Rowing machine at the gym can allow you to perform a similar routine. A rower goes easier on your joints but also burns a crazy amount of calories while bringing your heart rate to a maximum.

5. Kick it off
Venting out your frustration while burning calories—doesn’t that sound great? Kickboxing has recently been getting more and more popular, especially amongst the ladies. It’s best for people who get bored easily with repetitive sets as kickboxing is super fast-paced, and intense. Maybe you will even learn one or two attack methods in class to fight against any creeps that approach you on the street.

By: Sumichhya Gurung


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