Get Redressed

Get Redressed

28 February, 2012
Forever Better with Miele
Hong Kong fashion designers upcycle clothing bank finds

If you have been down by Hong Kong’s Central ferry piers recently, you may have seen the massive mountain of clothes on display as part of a meaningful exhibit combining fashion and art to represent just a fraction of the clothes that are dumped into landfills. 253 tonnes of textiles went into Hong Kong’s landfills every single day in 2009 - amounting to a basketball court packed with second-hand clothes to a height of four metres.
As part of an event series on upcycled fashion, Redress featured the Get Redressed exhibition and celebrated with a “Forever Better with Miele” fashion show at Watermark at Hong Kong’s Central ferry pier. The show focused on up-and-coming local Hong Kong designers such as The Yesterdayskin, Plotz, Magnan & Tse, Kenny Li and more. Well-known Hong Kong designers including Joanna Ho, Dorian Ho and Cecilia Yau also showcased their works. These designers created their collections all from fabrics found in clothing recycling banks in Hong Kong. Selected one-of-a-kin designer pieces from the EcoChic Design Award Exhibition and the Forever REDRESSED exhibition will be on sale at Harvey Nichols. Leading up to the show, the organizer of the event, Redress, encouraged people to find out where a few of Hong Kong’s 190 recycling banks for clothing are located by hiding tickets to the fashion show at these locations. We loved this creative method of getting guests to do more than just show up at a chic event, and creating fun new ways to engage the public.
Images Credit: L. Ying

By: Ecozine Staff


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