19 January, 2012
Nonprofit appoints advisory network
Philanthropy leaders contribute to the field of giving

Give2Asia, a nonprofit founded to provide exceptional, tailored philanthropy services and stewardship, recently announced the launch of the Asian Philanthropy Advisory Network, a partnership of giving experts whose opinions and forecasts will benefit philanthropists and the field of overseas giving for Asia. Made up of philanthropy leaders from Asia, Australia, and the United States, this new, premier resource features executives of prestigious organizations, such as the Center for Global Philanthropy in Massachusetts and the Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy in India, who will be on call to help donors meet the unique challenges of overseas giving, from illuminating evolving rules and regulations on giving, to providing strategies for dealing with rapidly shifting on-the-ground realities. Members will also publish topical and incisive, and original briefs, papers, and opinion essays available to clients and the public at

“Donors often want the kind of counsel and insights available only from philanthropic leaders or scholars,” said Barnett F. Baron, President & CEO of Give2Asia. “Our new Asian Philanthropy Advisory Network offers donors access to experts committed to advancements in the field of giving and broadening public knowledge about giving.”

“Our mission is to serve as a timely, insightful resource,” said Noshir Dadrawala, previously a board member of APPC and now a member of Asian Philanthropy Advisory Network. Mr. Dadrawala is Chief Executive Officer for the Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy in Mumbai, India. “Giving is complex and our combined experience and expertise will help donors maximize their goals.”

Give2Asia combines exceptional stewardship with comprehensive, on-the-ground knowledge to promote actions benefiting Asian communities. Founded by The Asia Foundation, with 18 offices and nearly 60 years of grant-making experience in the Asia-Pacific region, Give2Asia helps overcome the common challenges associated with giving overseas. Since its inception in 2001, Give2Asia has made possible over US$177 million in charitable giving.

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By: Ecozine Staff


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