Goodbye Cellulite

Goodbye Cellulite

19 December, 2016
Soria Natural
The Fantastic Plants Of Celulimp

An all-natural capsule that helps with fat burning, metabolism and reducing cellulite for the genetically unlucky when it comes to dimpled skin often found on our body's fatty areas! Woman or man, slim or overweight, we all know cellulite is a common sight — and complaint — especially on the upper thighs, buttocks and abdomen. The “orange peel” effect we see on the skin is caused by both hormones and heredity, and is the result of fat gathering in pockets and squeezing between bands of connective tissue.

Studies have shown there are no miracle products or solutions when it comes to cellulite, but we are impressed with the great ingredients it boasts! The tablets are produced by Soria Natural who are the leading natural medicine company in Spain. They specialize in harnessing the medicinal qualities of plants and are focused on top quality products as well as innovation in the development of phytotherapy and dietary supplements. Star players in Celulimp include dehydrated juice of grape seeds and skin, raspberry ketones, sarsaparilla extract, horsetail extract, vitamins B6 and B12, and butcher’s broom extract. You may be familiar with the good work these ingredients are known for — there are those with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects (the horsetail), those that help with blood circulation (butcher’s bloom), one that combats fluid retention (sarsaparilla), one that contributes to the reduction of cholesterol (grape), and metabolism boosters (ketones).

The tablets are available at Soria Natural, Watsons and Oliver’s The Delicatessen, among other stores in Hong Kong. And the regime couldn’t be simpler: it is recommended to take the tablets twice daily — one before breakfast and one before lunch.

After taking the tablets regularly, we found that our skin did feel nice, and were encouraged by a regularity to our appetite and a reduction in the prominence of cellulite on our thighs. Combine the capsules with a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables and fibre and you will be joining us in now looking forward to a holiday ahead that involves a date with a brand new bathing suit! We love that this product not only helps to reduce the prominence of cellulite, but helps us work to reduce the fat level in our cells and to reduce fluid retention.

We are happily opting for grape skins and raspberry ketones over that pesky orange peel skin!

By: Joanne Williams


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