Green and Lean

Green and Lean

2 December, 2016
Work It Out
Top 5 Eco Exercise Equipment

Love it or hate it, exercise is something we do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Weather you are a committed athlete or prefer gentle yoga stretching we have something for you in our top 5 eco exercise equipment!

But what is ‘eco’? The items on our list are either made from recycled products; the item is made using materials from a sustainable source, or the company has a great track record of environmental sustainability and looks after all their workers.

ZOLO Active Mats, ZOLO Wellness

If you do hot yoga or find regular mats slippery with little grip you will LOVE this cork active mat. Using 100% recycled rubber from Malaysia on the bottom of the mat, then 100% natural compressed recycled cork from Shaanxi Province China for the top, and this truly is a mat for every eco lover! Cork is also anti-microbial which means it naturally kills bacteria, mold and odor and cork is also hypoallergenic. The factory used is certified by SGS and qualified for the Forest Stewardship Council. This makes sure the products comply with global standards and regulations, covering the entire supply chain from raw materials to final consumption. Every mat comes with a cleansing spray made from distilled water and essential oils, it’s so pure you can even use it as a body mist after you work out! Available for pre-order on the Zolo Wellness kick-starter website. But make it quick, the campaign ends in less than a week!

Essential Mat Carrier, Lululemon

One you have tried this mat carrier, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using one like this all along! What makes this carrier so special? For one it has a super handy detachable pouch, which carries all your essentials and the strap itself is adjustable so it can fit any mat. Lululemon has strict human rights and working conditions with all its workers. They insure that all vendors must pay employees the local minimum wage, and provide benefits. In regions where there is no legal minimum wage, vendors must pay an industry-average wage that can sustain the employee’s needs. Available at Lululemon.

Push-Up Grips 2.0, Nike

Nike is a giant in the sportswear market and its commitment to the environment is massive too. Nike constantly works to explore and test new chemistries; in 2015 95% of materials passed the Restricted Substances List testing. The Push-Up Grips feature contoured handles in an elevated position for comfort and full range of motion and with a sturdy, no-slip base you’ll be sure of maximum stability. Available at the Nike Store.

Dr. Cohen’s Heatable AcuBack

This foam roller is a great all rounder; use it on your legs, amazing for your lower and mid back and a wonderful posture tool enabling you to sit upright almost effortlessly. Available from RacingThePlanet, which supports dozens of charities throughout the world with a focus on healthcare and education initiatives in emerging countries. The AcuBack’s heatable design keeps you sitting upright and effectively releases back, neck, legs and thigh tension making you feel better naturally.

Body Glide, The Original Anti Chafing, Anti Blister Balm

Protect your skin against rubbing and chafing and avoid irritated raw painful skin whilst running or hiking. The balm forms a dry, non-greasy, invisible barrier, effective wherever skin is rubbed by clothing, footwear or skin. Simply apply straight from the stick, unlike other messy creams or powders. Body Glide is also allergen free, made from plant-derived ingredients, vegan approved and never tested on animals. Available from Active Brands Asia.

By: Ecozine Staff


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