Green Hong Kong

Green Hong Kong

20 March, 2017
Lok Ma Chau Wetland
MTR’s Manmade Sanctuary For Birds

The Ecozine team recently paid a visit to the Lok Ma Chau Wetland close to the border of Shenzhen to see the vast array of wildlife and birds that have found a new home.

To provide a solution to the displaced wildlife from the construction in the northern New Territories, The MRT Corporation set aside a large area specifically for a nature reserve.

Working closely with local and international wildlife professionals the wetland has grown enormously over the past few years and is now home to over 260 bird species, about half of all species ever recorded in the whole of Hong Kong!

The wetland and fishpond areas also provide important nesting sites for migratory birds. During the 2015 breeding season 136 pairs of birds representing 10 different species are believed to have bred successfully.

There is also high number of globally threatened bird species; the Black faced Spoonbill has been spotted at the wetland recently as have the Pheasant-tailed Jacana.

As well as the vast bird species, there have been regular sightings of the threatened Chinese Soft-shelled Turtle and the Eurasian Otter, adding to the variety of wildlife at the Lok Ma Chau Wetland.


For more information on how The MRT Corporation is protecting local wildlife and the environment, take a look the their sustainability report.

By: Ecozine Staff


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