Green mega-structure

Green mega-structure

26 September, 2011
Solar-powered building
Solar panels provide energy to office building, research facilities and more

Inspired by the most ancient of solar-powered devices, the sundial, a unique arc-shaped building presides over the skyline in an area of Dezhuo, China quickly becoming known as China’s “Solar Valley”.
Designed to symbolize the need to replace fossil fuels with different forms of renewable energy, the 75,000 square metre building is 70 percent more energy efficient compared to a conventionally lighted and heated building of the same size, and was constructed to host the Fourth Annual World Solar City Conference in September 2010. The conference brings science and policy makers together, sharing practical knowledge for the transition to sustainable societies, where the main energy source is renewable energy.
The large fan-shaped structure is covered in solar panels powers and houses exhibition centres, research facilities, meeting and training facilities as well as a hotel. In addition to its green nature, the structure uses advanced roof and wall insulation materials, saving up to 30% on the national energy saving standard.
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