Green Touch Salon

Green Touch Salon

25 June, 2012
HK salon goes eco
Stylish hair can be sustainable, too

Green Touch Salon has a strong philosophy guiding all aspects of its operations, right down to the location near the junction of Nathan Road and Waterloo Road in Hong Kong. “Waterloo Road leads to the homes of some of the highest ranking members of Hong Kong society, while Nathan Road represents the average people of Hong Kong. No one should have to compromise health to look good” says Kelvin Lin, Head Stylist at Green Touch.
The salon has been operating since 2009 and focuses on creating an environment that is refreshing and healthy to your six senses. Calming music plays while organic cookies are offered to customers, and books and magazines focusing on health and environmental awareness are prominently displayed among the usual array of fashion magazines typical of a salon. Overall it feels like a spotlessly clean, white version of a secret garden, with a mix of both real and artificial plants adding brightness to the walls. Keeping in mind it is just meters away from the heady hubbub of Nathan Road, it feels positively rural in comparison!
All products used in Green Touch are organic, natural or plant derived. “We had all our products tested by a lab ourselves to see if they matched the claims made” said Kelvin. Both John Masters Organic and Simply Organic came out as winners for ingredients and results, and are used in Green Touch for all treatments. Harsh chemical use is kept to a minimum with no products containing ammonia used anywhere and colouring products only have a small amount of peroxide. “We detox the hair immediately after coloring to keep customers’ contact with chemicals to a very limited period” says Kelvin. “Our overseas sourced chemical-free products are more than ten times the average cost for a normal salon” says Kelvin. “This extra cost is a huge challenge to operating the business, which investors luckily are well aware of and look at establishing Green Touch as a sustainable investment in more that monetary value.
It is an investment in society, the younger generation and draws people’s attention to health and environment” said investor Ms Mak. It seems staff are also inspired to join the team for the health benefits and, many have left behind senior positions in other salons for junior positions in Green Touch. “I notice in working in other salons when junior stylists start, they often soon have raw, red hands with skin problems from working with the harsh chemicals, but we don’t have that problem here” reports Kelvin. Green Touch Salon’s success so far is due to an ever-growing client base, including a few celebrities met through work with Hong Kong’s TVB television station. Word of mouth is the primary force bringing people to Green Touch. “If people feel different after a visit, then they will return and bring their friends and loved ones,” adds Kelvin.

By: Carley Lauder


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