Green Toys

Green Toys

1 October, 2015
Eco Play
Toxin-free fun with the kiddos

Toys make your kids happy, and here are some fun and eco-friendly options for your youngsters to play with!
Unit Bricks
Unit Bricks are created with much consideration for both your child and our environment. Caroline Pratt, an American social thinker and progressive educational reformer designed the bricks with the intent to stimulate children’s creativity and imaginations. Being exposed to the texture of wood at a young age, children age 3 and above can play and maneuver these 40 pieces of handcarved wood to make all kinds of buildings (half units, half pillars, roman archers, etc.) This gives kids a preliminary understanding of the concept of building things using bricks. Brick play encourages cooperation, patterning, creativity, cognitive development, fine motor and mathematical skills.
Made of the 100% sustainably grown, compressed wood HDF, this material helps reduce energy during production while creating minimal waste. Unit Bricks also uses zero plastic, and is completely non-toxic.
Keep your kids entertained with the colourful toys from Bioserie. You can have peace of mind when your kids are playing with these, since it uses bioplastics rather than conventional oil-based plastics. Bioplastic material is made from a special blend of modified PLA (Polylactic Acid), derived from plants that contains no petrochemical additives, making these toys non-brittle and heat resistant as well as fun! They are also safe for chewing, making them especially suitable for babies and toddlers during teething, while also training their motor skills at a young age.
DIY toys!
Must a great toy be brand new or purchased? Sandra Hoslin thinks not. Her and her two children make homemade toys from recycled materials. This is not only instills values of sustainablity and waste reduction, but it also sparks children’s imagination at an early stage of life. Among other things, Sandra and her kids have built a miniature shop, playground, beach bar and a beach club with her kids from materials collected from around the house, and at a local beach. Shells are used to make the beach bar, while toilet rolls, an old printer-box, spice-containers, lids of water bottles, and other items (plus a dab of glue and paint) are used to decorate and create the beach club. This is a great way to engage and bond with your kids and integrate creativity in them by turning ordinary boxes into aesthetics and toys. Kids also learn to appreciate what they have, as well as experiencing the immense satisfaction of achievement when the toy is finished.
Personalised Wooden Red Dog
This personalised wooden red dog is handmade with birch wood and coated with raw linseed oil - emanating a sweet and refreshed wood scent in your living room! The milk paint used for the nose, eyes, ears and body, is safe to ingest and gives a personal touch. Great for kids who might be allergic to dogs but really desire to walk a simulated dog!

By: Ecozine Staff


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