Healing H2O

Healing H2O

27 September, 2012
Purer than pure?
Enagic’s water ionizer

With the need to cut down on plastic waste, many are turning to water filtration systems rather than purchasing bottled water. In any case, some studies have shown that many bottled waters are not as “pure”, or sterile, as consumers believed in the past. With the water filtration market growing increasingly competitive, many companies have found ways to add value to their products. Our team recently tested Enagic’s Water Ionizer.
Originated from Japan, this device uses the water from your home tap and purifies it for drinking. The twist? It not only filters the water to make it fit for drinking, it also ionizes it. According to Enagic, this special ionized water is superior to regular water for supporting good health, and can actually help the body combat a variety of health issues, such as skin problems and diabetes, by neutralizing the pH in the body. Research has shown that certain foods, such as soft drinks, beef, oil and fried foods, raise the body’s acidity levels, giving rise to a series of health problems such as fatigue, headaches and even cancer. Ionized water has a pH of 8 to 9.5, so it can help to bring down your body’s pH level. In addition to alkalizing, ionized water is also believed to detoxify and anti-oxidize the body to combat free radicals.
Enagic’s water ionizer is currently not available through retail; for details, contact the HK distributor directly at cs@enagic-hk.com

By: Ecozine Staff


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