HK air bad for biz

HK air bad for biz

30 September, 2011
Internationals shy away
Hong Kong's air pollution is marking it hard for companies to attract talent

Polluted air in Hong Kong is making it less attractive to international businesses and human resources, according to a recent report by Regus. The majority of people polled felt that Hong Kong’s air issue makes it hard for businesses to get, and keep, talented people from overseas.

While Hong Kong is far from suffering the worst air quality in Asia - falling only second in a recent ranking, behind Singapore with better air and Bangkok, Shanghai and Beijing all following Hong Kong with worse pollution - the effects of Hong Kong’s standing are being felt in the international business community. With its win in the air quality department added to the mix of factors to consider, Singapore has been able to attract more new multinational businesses than Hong Kong in recent years, and even cause a portion of Hong Kong based professionals to relocate out of concern for their health and their families’ health.

Even though the air is bad in Hong Kong and elsewhere throughout Asia, business is nonetheless thriving in all five of the cities noted above. Regus acknowledged that there has been a lot of good business development in those Asian cities, but cautioned that the only way to continue this momentum is for the people in charge to take environmental concerns more seriously and deal with them in order to help with economic growth.

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