Homegrown foods

Homegrown foods

30 July, 2011
Organic veggie service
From the farm to your door: HK locavores rejoice!

A wild round of applause please! Hong Kong has a new business that we love. It combines everything great about living in the city – convenience, variety, and service – with the greatness of rural living: fresh, unmodified food that has never spent time in a freightliner.

Homegrown Foods is a recently launched food delivery service company in Hong Kong. Those who want fresh local produce that is chemical and sludge free and contains no genetically modified seeds can now receive that produce delivered weekly to their door. Meanwhile, it shrinks the gap between producer and consumer by taking out the supermarket middle step, which also ensures that the small and local organic farmers who provide the veggies and fruit are fairly compensated.

Todd Darling of Posto Pubblico is the creator behind the company, taking advantage of his well-connected network of organic family farms in China and Hong Kong. Homegrown’s baskets contain a selection of fresh organic produce harvested within the last 24 hours. This means that deeply urban city-dwellers in Hong Kong can experience fresh fruits and vegetables practically straight out of the pesticide-free earth they were grown in, with all the associated nutrition and taste benefits that go along.

What is the price of this luxury? Containing 7-8 varieties of vegetables and available in regular (for 2-3 people) and large sizes (for 4-6 people), one-off boxes are priced at HK$298 and HK$546 while trial packages of 5 weekly deliveries are HK$1420 and HK$2840.

By: Ecozine Staff


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