Hot air debate

Hot air debate

10 August, 2011
HK's air pollution woes
Critics express need for better air quality measurement methods

A recent interview with a spokesperson from Hong Kong's Envrironmental Protection Department (EPD) about the city's air quality has stirred up criticism of the government's measurement methods. The EPD suggests that while the air quality along the city's roads can be problematic, the overall air quality is generally good. Its critics beg to differ.
Dr. Anthony Hedley, a public health physician, stated in an interview with the New York Times that the EPD continues to make comments about Hong Kong's air quality in a misleading and distorted way. Echoing his sentiments, Joanne Ooi, chief executive of Hong Kong’s Clean Air Network, stated claims that the EPD's comments are based on outdated 1987 air quality guidelines, which as a result “permit 1100 avoidable deaths per year.” Ms. Ooi went on to add that in 2006, Hong Kong's air pollution levels were two times higher than those in Singapore.

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