Hybrid Heaven

Hybrid Heaven

4 August, 2016
Cayenne S E-Hybrid
Can Porsche be the perfect family car?

The Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid – one of Porsche’s three plug-in hybrid models – was the first luxury plug-in SUV to hit the market, and has won acclaim for its style, performance and efficiency. But how does it fare in real life, on real roads, with a real family in the cabin? We caught up with Sunny Yu, who bought the car last year for his family of four and got his take on this formidable hybrid ride.
What drew you to consider the Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid?
Honestly, reputation played a major consideration; Porsche is a performance brand, a dream car for every boy growing up. When you drive one, you get this feeling that you don’t get from other cars. And although the performance is excellent, it’s not a show-off; Porsche is elegant, but humble.
What is the best thing about driving a hybrid vehicle?
Of course you save on fuel, which is great; but for me, the biggest factor is finding a balance between driving pleasure for me, and comfort for my family. For example, we usually use electric mode when stuck in city traffic. That’s when you really appreciate the quietness of electric mode, and the smoothness of the ride even in a low gear. Yet when I am driving alone, I can go for sport mode on the highway; it’s just great to have the flexibility. Also, when we go to the shopping mall, we are able to park in the spots with charging stations, where only electric cars can park.

What’s it like having a hybrid car in Hong Kong?
Hong Kong has a lot of hills, which is a great advantage for a hybrid because when you are driving downhill, it takes more braking, and the more demand in braking, the more energy is generated to charge the battery. And range is never an issue. The current Porsche hybrid model can go up to 36 kilometres in electric mode – which was also one key consideration for me to buy this car – and you can increase the range, by charging. So for most short trips like grocery shopping, I can go 100 per cent on electricity, no gas.

And what is the feedback from your family, as passengers?
They love it! A hybrid gives you completely quiet driving, plus the sound isolation is excellent, so you don’t get a lot of road noise in the cabin. These are important considerations for my family; in traffic, we have peace and quiet, or we can listen to crystal-clear music. They hybrid Cayenne also increases the options on the suspension, the turning and the stability – which all add up to a very comfortable ride for my wife and children.

By: Ecozine Staff


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